Department Information

Office Information

Location: McDonough Sports Complex, Room 219
Phone: (518) 629-7328
Fax: (518) 629-4855

Department Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Justin Hoyt Director of Athletics (518) 629-7328
Vacant Assistant Director of Athletics/Sports Information Director (518) 629-7328  
Tim Wilson Assistant Director of Athletic Programs (518) 629-7815
Christina Kelly Supervisor of Athletic Programs (518) 629-7327
Keith Thomas Athletic Trainer (518) 629-7373
Stephanie Clarke Athletic Department Secretary (518) 629-7328

Coaching Staff

To better serve you, we recommend that student-athletes contact their designated coach for an appointment prior to coming for a campus visit to meet with him/her. Select the appropriate coach below to view contact information.

Coach Sport
Joe Prest Men’s and Women’s Bowling
Sarah Popovics Men's and Women's Cross Country
Jeffrey York Men's and Women's Track and Field
Alex Jurczynski Men's Baseball
Mike Long Men's Basketball
Michael Muehling Men's Football
Ken Lancto Men's Ice Hockey
Matt Johnson Men's Lacrosse
Travis Cooke Men's Soccer
Rob Coleman Women’s Basketball
Alyssa Ruggiero Women's Golf and Men's Golf
Jay Pokines Women's Soccer
George Rafferty Women's Softball
Denise Potenza Women's Tennis
Kelsey Wilson Women's Volleyball

Department Mission and Goals

The Hudson Valley Community College Intercollegiate Athletic Department is dedicated to the values of Hudson Valley Community College, and is a part of the college's overall mission to provide dynamic, student-centered, comprehensive, and accessible educational opportunities that address the diverse needs of the community. Through this dedication, the Intercollegiate Athletic Department promotes personal, academic and athletic growth and development in our student-athletes. Our staff and coaches facilitate this growth in our student athletes, who then become a source of pride for Hudson Valley Community College as they compete for athletic glory.

I. Mission of Department

The mission of the Hudson Valley Community College Intercollegiate Athletic Department is to offer student-athletes the opportunity to participate in an environment that fosters the highest levels of individual growth, self-discipline, respect, integrity and academic excellence. The Intercollegiate Athletic Department strives to enhance the quality of student life, promote diversity, instill character in our student-athletes, create habits that lead to lifelong success and develop a sense of community. To fulfill its mission, each employee and student athlete within the Intercollegiate Athletic Department functions respectfully and ethically while demonstrating character through actions.

II. Mission Related Goals of Department

The academic success and personal development of student-athletes is the top priority of the Intercollegiate Athletic Department, and participation in intercollegiate athletics is an opportunity to enhance the educational experience. The goals of the Intercollegiate Athletic Department directly support the goals and objectives of the College.

  • Providing initiatives to monitor and improve the academic achievement of student-athletes.
  • Fostering personal growth in student athletes.
  • Employing coaches and staff who model positive behavior, exhibit integrity and ethical conduct, and support the mission of the college.
  • Striving for excellence by competing for conference, regional and national titles.
  • Providing and maintaining quality and safe facilities.
  • Expanding and enhancing intramural and intercollegiate athletic participation opportunities.
  • Enhancing the visibility of the college.