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Lab Supplies

The Bookstore provides lab supplies that are required for courses. These items may be purchased at the checkout counter, and include: safety glasses and goggles; dissection kits; chemistry kits; and latex gloves.

For all chemistry courses (except organic chemistry) you will need to purchase goggles and an apron.

Chemistry Kit Contents
For most biology or anatomy courses you will need to purchase a dissection kit. You will also need an apron and safety glasses, and may choose to purchase safe-skin gloves. Lab Supplies
Dental hygiene students will need to purchase their instrument kits. The freshman kit contains most of the actual instruments, while the senior kit contains mostly replacement supplies. They are both required.  

Other lab supply items of interest include:
Toothbrushes - Oral-B size 20, 30 or 35
Dental Floss - Glide 66yd pkg.
Interdental handles and brushes
Replacement scalpel blades
Face masks

Oral B Toothbrushes

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