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Mark Wright
Textbook Manager

We now offer three easy ways to purchase your books:

  1. In-store
    Come in during any of our store hours with your schedule, and we’d be glad to help you find the correct books.
  2. Online
    Have your textbooks shipped or ready for pick-up.
    Term/Session Online Ordering Begins
    Fall 2017 Aug. 7, 2017
    Spring 2018 Dec. 18, 2017
    Click here to place your order online.
    Please note: orders may take up to two business days for processing.
  3. Pre-pack
    Simply fill out the form, for the fall or spring semesters, with your course numbers and have your books pre-packaged and ready for when you come in!

About the Textbook Department

The textbook department provides all of the required and optional books needed for courses offered at Hudson Valley Community College. 

Textbook information is available in WIReD once you click on a CRN.

To access this information:

  1. Go to the WIReD Course Schedule page and select the term you are interested in, then click "Submit."
  2. Select the course you're looking for and click "Class Search."
  3. Click on the CRN and then the "View Textbook Information" button.

A required book is a book that is required by the instructor for the course. You will most likely have readings and/or assignments from these texts.

An optional book is one that the instructors feel would help you with the course, although no assignments will be given out of these texts. Optional books are usually study guides to accompany your textbook, but may include separate readings, dictionaries, or solutions manuals.

Books are arranged by course number in the store, and there are signs indicating which course numbers are located in each aisle. When purchasing your texts, bring a copy of your schedule, so that you receive the correct books for your course and section.

We encourage students to buy their texts during the two weeks before class starts (1 week for the summer term). The wait in line may be significantly shorter during this two week period than on the first day of class. Books purchased more than two weeks in advance of the start of class are not returnable.

After the sixth week of class, the Bookstore begins to return the textbooks to the publishers. If you are in need of a book, check with the Bookstore for availability.  An order can be placed if it’s not in stock. The book will arrive in 7-10 business days, and you will be notified when it comes in.

Viking's Cove Bookstore, FSA, Hudson Valley Community CollegeHow to Save Money on Textbooks

Here is some information to help save you money and time on purchasing textbooks:

  • Used books save you money. Used books sell for 25% off the new price.
  • Pre-Pack is like a virtual waiting line for used books. It’s free too!
  • Whether you submitted a pre-pack order or not, we highly recommend coming in two weeks prior to the start of classes. The lines will be much shorter than the first week of classes and if you didn’t submit a pre-pack, this is your best chance to buy any used textbooks.
  • Ask your professor in the first week if any books will be required. If not, make a return before two weeks from when classes start.
  • Sell your books back. During finals week and the first week of each semester are the best times to sell your books back for cash!
  • American Opportunity Tax Credit: textbook and other course material expenses – along with tuition and fees incurred in 2009 and 2010 not covered by scholarships or grants – may be claimed as a tax credit on that year's tax return.
  • Only need a book for one assignment? Check out the Instructional Media Center in the Marvin Library Learning Commons - they have some texts available on reserve.
  • Learn about a financial aid bookstore advance.

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