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Refunds for Matriculated Students (registered in a degree or certificate program)

Refunds from financial aid or tuition overpayments occur throughout each semester. A refund occurs when payments and credits on a student account exceed tuition and other charges for a semester. The date of a specific refund depends on many factors, such as liability status, financial aid, etc. Students are encouraged to monitor their WIReD account to check on the status of aid payments and refunds.

When federal financial aid is disbursed to a student's account, an email is sent to the student's HVCC email address. If this aid payment creates a refund, it will be processed and issued in accordance with the following distribution process. For additional information regarding financial aid disbursement, including scheduled disbursement dates, refer to the Financial Aid Web page.

Higher One BrochureDistribution of Refund
Hudson Valley Community College partners with Higher One, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to deliver refunds to matriculated students. You will have the option of receiving your refund in one of three ways:

  • Deposited to your Higher One bank account/HVCC Refund Choice Card
  • Direct deposit to your bank account
  • Check mailed to your address on file with Higher One

Please note: If you are a matriculated student, it is no longer an option for you to receive a refund check from Hudson Valley. You must select one of the above options with Higher One in order to receive your refund. You can choose the option that is best for you. If you are a non-matriculated student, your refund will be issued as a check by the Cashier’s Office and mailed to your permanent address on file with the college.

After paying or confirming your registration bill, your new HVCC Refund Choice Card will be mailed in a green envelope to your current address on file. Follow the instructions that accompany the card in order to select a refund option and please do not throw this card away. You will need it if you choose the Higher One bank account option now, or if you change your preference to the Higher One bank account option at a later date. Even if you do not expect a refund in the current semester, this card may be used in the future. If you lose your card after you select your refund preference, you will have to purchase another card from Higher One.

To ensure you receive your HVCC Refund Choice Card, please visit WIReD to verify we have the correct address on file before you pay your tuition bill. The college will provide the address on file to Higher One.

You will only receive one HVCC Refund Choice Card. Your refund preference will be in effect for the time you are enrolled at Hudson Valley, and you can change your preference at any time by logging in to

Visit the frequently asked questions below or go to to learn more and view Higher One’s FAQs.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

HVCC Refund Choice Card Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HVCC Refund Choice Card?
Matriculated students will be mailed a HVCC Refund Choice Card within two weeks of paying (or confirming) your registration bill. You will need to follow the instructions sent with the card to select one of three options for receiving your financial aid/student loan or tuition refund.

Is this a credit card?
This is not a credit card. It can function as a debit MasterCard if you are entitled to a refund and you choose to open a Higher one checking account and choose to have your refunds deposited to your Higher One account.

Who is Higher One and why are they sending the card?
Higher One is a financial services company focused on higher education. Hudson Valley Community College has partnered with Higher One to offer new ways to deliver refunds to eligible matriculated students. The refund disbursement process through Higher One enables the college to provide refund choices to students and reduce costs.

HVCC Refund Choice CardWhy do I need a Higher One card?
You will need information from this card in order to authenticate your identity on the Higher One website, where you will make your refund method selection. It is important that you visit as soon as you receive your card to make your refund selection.

Why do I have to get my refund through Higher One?
Hudson Valley Community College is committed to providing the most efficient business services to our students. The college selected Higher One to distribute student refunds because of Higher One's options and experience, their ability to serve students quickly and favorable recommendations from other colleges (including other SUNY schools). And you get to choose how you want to receive your refund.

What are my options for receiving my refund?
Options for those eligible for a refund include:

  1. Same day deposit to a Higher One checking account
  2. ACH (direct) deposit to another bank account of your choice
  3. Paper check mailed to you from Higher One

Does this mean I'm getting a refund?
Just because you received a card it does not mean that you will be receiving a refund. But if you are entitled to a refund, you will receive that refund based upon the delivery option you selected (Higher One account, deposit to another account or check mailed to your home).

Why would I receive a refund?
You would receive a refund if…

  • your financial aid (including student loans) disbursed and your tuition charges have been satisfied, or
  • after you paid your bill, your class was cancelled and your charges were reduced, or
  • after you paid your bill, you withdrew from one or more classes during the refund period and your charges were reduced, or
  • you submitted a Certificate of Residence after you paid non-resident tuition.

Can I just pick up my financial aid refund check at the Cashier's Office like I used to?
No, due to the partnership with Higher One this is no longer an option.

Do all students get an HVCC Refund Choice Card?
Higher One will send a card to all matriculated students. If you are enrolled in a degree or certificate program, you are a matriculated student (this includes Individual Studies). Students who are not enrolled in a degree or certificate program do not receive a HVCC Refund Choice Card and are mailed refund checks from the college if they are due a refund.

When will I get my HVCC Refund Choice Card?
If you are a matriculated student, your card will be received within two weeks of paying (or confirming) your registration bill, beginning with the summer 2013 semester. The process is explained below:

  1. Pay your tuition bill.
  2. Your name and address that is on file with the college is sent to Higher One that night.
  3. Higher One will create your HVCC Refund Choice Card and mail it within 24 hours
  4. When you receive the card, you must authenticate your identity using the 16 digit card number, 3 digit CVV code on back of the card, date of birth and student ID number, and make your refund choice.

Will I get a card every semester?
No, you will receive only one card.

This sounds important, how do I make sure that Higher One has the correct address for me so I receive my card?
Make sure you provide the Registrar's Office with your current address before you pay (or confirm) your registration bill. Hudson Valley Community College sends your address information to Higher One on the same day you pay your bill. Higher One mails your card the next day.

Can I throw out the HVCC Refund Choice Card?
Please do not throw away your HVCC Refund Choice Card. You will need it if you choose the Higher One checking account option now, or if you change your preference to the Higher One checking account option at a later date. Even if you do not expect a refund in the current semester, this card may be needed in future semesters.

Will this cost me anything?
No. You can select to have your refund sent to you as a check or direct deposited into your own bank account. If you choose to open a Higher One bank account, you may be subject to charges — the disclosure of which, along with suggestions on avoiding fees, are on the Higher One fee Web page.

Higher One ATMs, which will not charge a fee to Higher One card users, will be available on campus in the following locations:

  • McDonough Sports Complex
  • Siek Campus Center (First floor by Public Safety)
  • Marvin Library Learning Commons

There is a $500 maximum per student, per day, for Higher One account ATM withdrawals.

ATM transactions may also be done at any Allpoint ATM free of charge.

What happens if I do not use the card to select my refund preference?
If you are entitled to a refund from Hudson Valley Community College and you have not selected a refund preference using your HVCC Refund Choice Card, your refund will be delayed. If you do not select a refund preference, Higher One will mail you a check, which you should receive 30-45 days from the date your refund is posted to your account. You can expedite your refund by using your card to select your preference, even after the refund has been posted to your account.

What if I select one option and then change my mind and want to select a different option?
You can change your preference at any time by logging in at

What if I lose my card after I make my choice and I want to change my preference to a Higher One account?
You will have to pay $20 for another HVCC Refund Choice Card if you lose or throw away your card after you make your choice AND then you decide you want to open a Higher One account. You can pay for a new card at the Cashier's Office or online to Higher One at

How do I get access to my money after it is disbursed?

  • If you choose to open a Higher One account, you will be able to access your funds via the HVCC Refund Choice Card. You can use your debit card, as a debit (not credit) card where MasterCard is accepted; or you can use one of the three Higher One ATMs on campus free of charge, however, there is a $500 daily limit for withdrawals from these ATMs.
  • If you choose direct deposit to your own bank account, you would access your money via your bank account.
  • If you choose to receive a paper check in the mail, you may deposit the check into your bank account.

If I select the check option, where can I cash my Higher One Check?
Your Higher One refund check can be deposited or cashed at your bank, subject to your bank's rules for those transactions.

Does Higher One pay commissions to Hudson Valley Community College?
No. Hudson Valley Community College does not receive any compensation from Higher One, Inc. We use Higher One to distribute financial aid and other refunds to allow our students to receive their refunds in a manner that works best for them. We do not receive a bonus from Higher One for students opening accounts with them or for any other reason.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my financial aid refunds?
If the question relates to financial aid disbursement dates and amounts, please contact the Cashier's Office at (518) 629-4504, via email at or stop by the office during regular business hours.

If your refund has been posted to your account at the college but not received, please contact Higher One at 1-877-397-5112.