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Admission Review Board

In fulfilling its mission to provide accessible, educational opportunities that address the diverse needs of the community, Hudson Valley Community College’s Admission Review Board serves as a screening committee for those applicants who have been convicted of a felony or dismissed for disciplinary reasons from another college or university as noted on their application for admission.

Applicants, who indicate that they have been convicted of a felony, are required to complete the Admission Review Form and return it to the chairperson of the Review Board along with a copy of their conviction record and a character reference letter from the Department of Corrections or another professional source (clergy member, high school official, employer, etc.). If applicable, applicants must also submit any psychological evaluation(s) related to their felony conviction(s) and/or release from incarceration within the past five (5) years, and/or conditions of parole/probation.

Applicants who have been dismissed from another college or university must complete the Admission Review Form and detail the circumstances of their dismissal. The completed form must be returned to the chairperson of the Review Board for admissions consideration.

Based on the extent and/or circumstances of an applicant’s record and/or severity of the circumstances that resulted in an applicant’s dismissal from a previous college or university, the Review Board may interview an applicant before making its decision and/or deny admission if the applicant is deemed to be a risk to campus safety. In addition, admission to particular programs and/or job placement on campus may be affected, however, alternative programs and/or placements may be possible.

The college maintains the confidentiality of all documentation that is required by law. Once all documentation is received and a decision is rendered, the applicant will be contacted by a member of the Admission Review Board.

The Review Board includes:

Director of Public Safety (co-chairperson)
Director of Student Life (co-chairperson)
Admissions Counselor
Director of the Center for Counseling
and Transfer

For more information, please contact the Director of Student Life at (518) 629-7348.