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Information Systems Certificate
HEGIS #5101
Chairperson: James G. Looby
Brahan Hall, Room 206, (518) 629-7225

The School of Business, with the Department of Computing and Information Sciences, offers several different degree programs in Computer Information Systems (CIS) to accommodate students pursuing a two-year terminal degree, as well as those seeking to transfer to a four-year institution. All Computer Information Systems graduates possess a strong computer information systems core. This common CIS core allows students to seamlessly transfer between the different degree programs as their goals become more defined. Core course work includes Programming and Logic, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, Project Management, Decision Support Systems and Database Management. Suffused throughout all CIS programs is a focus on people, processes, systems, security, collaboration and ethics.

The various Computer Information Systems program options allow the degree to be further tailored to achieve a specific desired outcome. These options include the following curricular tracts:

The Information Systems Certificate program provides students the essential background needed to analyze, design and develop Unix, Windows and mobile-accessible information systems. Courses include: (a) highly relevant programming languages (e.g., Java, C/C++, COBOL, VB.Net, Perl, Java and Assembly Language), (b) system and network administration (e.g., Windows, Linux, computer and network security and the Cisco networking curriculum that includes the CCNA and CCNP), (c) Web programming using Java, Javascript and Ajax on the client-side and PHP, Perl, Java and MySQL on the server-side DBMS, (d) mobile computing and, (e) Web Design in accord with today’s accessible, W3C standards-compliant and user-centered design (UCD) principles.

The Information Systems Certificate includes most of the core CIS course requirements of the Associate in Applied Science degree program in Computer Information Systems. In many cases, the Information Systems Certificate is accepted for advancement in civil service environments. The growing popularity of client-server information systems and personal computers in the home has created a demand for the knowledge and skills transferred by this program. This certificate was designed with the mature returning adult in mind. It is becoming common for those with an academic credential in another concentration to find themselves in a professional environment where computing and allied technologies are used in all business operations and communications. Certificate requirements can be fulfilled through day, evening or online courses.

All CISS and CMPT courses must have been taken within seven years in order to be applicable toward this degree program.

Courses Entry Term Special Notes H.S. Average
Algebra and geometry or 2 units of equivalent academic math (80 or above in each course) Fall and Spring   80 or above


Course No.


Credit Hrs.

CISS 100 Introduction to Computing and Information Sciences 4
CISS 101 Business Computing Application and Analytics Development 3
CISS 110 Programming and Logic I 4
CISS 111 Programming and Logic II-Data Structures 4
CISS 210 Information Systems Analysis and Design 3
CISS 215 Project Management 4
CISS 250 Database Management Systems 4
CISS 251 Structured Query Language (SQL) 2
______ (1) Computer Information Systems Electives 7
  Total Credits Required 35

*or specific course equivalents as approved by department chairperson.

(1) Computer Information Systems Elective must be chosen from those listed with approval of department chairperson: CISS 102, CISS 105, CISS 120, CISS 121, CISS 125, CISS 150, CISS 200, CISS 211, CISS 220, CISS 221, CISS 225, CISS 227, CISS 229, CISS 230, CISS 233, CISS 241, CISS 270, CISS 271, CISS 272, CISS 273, CISS 290.