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Academic Programs - School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies

Computer Aided Drafting
Associate in Applied Science
HEGIS #5303
Chairperson: Dr. Christine M. LaPlante
Hudson Hall, Room 129, (518) 629-7355

This program has been deactivated effective Fall 2013 and as such,
applications are no longer being accepted.

Applications are being accepted for admission into the Computer Aided Drafting Certificate program.

The Computer Aided Drafting program prepares students to enter a position in industry with a background in planning, product utilization and evaluation, production supervision, management, and technical sales. The graduates are capable of analyzing problems, drafting and design, as well as recommending, implementing and supervising. They satisfy the need for technicians in the industrial sector.

Students may elect coursework in both technology and business that will enable them to focus their course of study toward either the area of drafting or management.

Most courses for this program also are offered late afternoon and evening.

Courses Notes High School Average
Algebra or 1 unit of academic math (70 or above in the course)   70 or above

The estimated cost of books for the student enrolled in the first full-time term, in courses CNST 120, IDLT 100, IDLT 105, IDLT 110 and MATH 105 would be approximately $705.


Course No.


Credit Hrs.

FORM 101 College Forum (1)
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3
MECT 105 Engineering Materials 4
CADD 102 Interpreting Engineering Drawings 3
CADD 115 Machining Processes 3
MECT 110 Computer Applications in Engineering 4
MFTS 221 Numerical Control Programming 3
  Capstone Course 3
CADD 100 Topics in 2D Auto CAD AND 4
CADD 110 Advanced Topics in AutoCAD OR 3
CADD 208 Inventor/CAD Basics
Program Electives  
  Liberal Arts Electives 6
  (1) Mathematics Electives 6
  (2) Technical Electives 13
  Humanities/Social Science Elective 3
  (3) Restricted English Elective 3
  Total Credits Required 61

(1) Mathematics Elective- MATH 105, Applied Technical Mathematics I and MATH 106, Applied Technical Mathematics II OR MATH 150, College Algebra with Trigonometry and MATH 165, Basic Calculus with Analytic Geometry.

(2) Technical Electives- Any course beginning with CADD, ELET, MECT, or MFTS (subject to approval by department chairperson)

(3) Restricted English Electives- ENGL 102, English Composition II, ENGL 104, English Composition II: Writing About Literature or ENGL 106, English Composition II: Writing for Technicians