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Human Services
Associate in Applied Science
HEGIS #5501
Chairperson: Maryanne C. Pepe

Brahan Hall, Room 008, (518) 629-7341

This program has been deactivated effective Spring 2010 and as such,
applications are no longer being accepted.

Applications are being accepted for admission into the Human Services A.S. program.

Human Services is a challenging career field that provides the opportunity for helping people with social, behavioral or mental health problems. This two-year program is designed for those interested in working in the fields of developmental disabilities, mental health, adolescent and youth services, gerontology, community services and social welfare.

Applicants are selected and retained on the basis of personal characteristics required for success in this field, as well as an expressed interest in dealing with social problems and working with people. This program provides field experiences in settings such as group homes, social services agencies, homes for older adults, youth care institutions, and public schools. The major equips students for employment in these agencies and also prepares students for transfer to baccalaureate programs. Degree requirements can be fulfilled through evening course offerings. PROGRAM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS



High School Average

1 unit of any math, including GED math


70 or above

The estimated cost of books for the student enrolled in the first full-time term as outlined would be approximately $595.

Associate in Applied Science

Course No.


Credit Hrs.

FORM 102**
College Forum (1)
ENGL 101
English Composition I 3
ENGL 102 English Composition II or 3
***ENGL 104 English Composition II: Writing About Literature
HUSV 100
Social Service Systems 3
HUSV 105
Human Development and the Family 3
HUSV 110
Intro. to Human Service Skills 3
HUSV 115 Perspect. on Disabilities or 3
PSYC 210 Abnormal Psychology
HUSV 120 Probs. of Adolescence or 3
HUSV 125 Older Adults and the Social Environment
HUSV 200
Interviewing and Techniques of Communication 3
HUSV 205
Introduction to Social Group Work 3
HUSV 240
Professionalism in a Diverse Society 3
HUSV 250
Human Services Practicum I 8
________ HUSV 255 Case Management and 3
HUSV 256 Case Management Internship or 3
________ (1) Restricted Electives 6
PSYC 100
General Psychology 3
SOCL 100
Sociology 3
(1) Biology Elective 3
(1) Biology or Math Elective 3
(1) Electives as Advised 4
Total Credits Required

*or specific course equivalents as approved by the department chairperson.
** Required of first-time, full-time students.
*** Recommended for students considering transfer.
(1) as approved by the department chairperson.