College Catalog

Tuition and Fees

Special Fees and Expenses

Automotive Service/Repair Fee (each job) $15
Challenge Exam Fee/per credit hour $55
CLEP Exam  
Dental Clinic Registration Fee - Adult $10
Dental Clinic Registration Fee - Children age 4 - 12 $6
Identification Card Replacement Fee $9
Immunization Late Fee
(Posted to the accounts of students on census date if required immunization information has not been submitted to the College Health Service.)
Late Registration Fee
(Payable for registration after official registration dates as indicated on the administrative calendar.)
Library Fine (per item) $3
Life Experience Evaluation/per credit hour $50
Locker Fee (per semester, optional) $10
or Lost Locker Combination $2
Lost or Damaged Material (print or audiovisual):
The patron will be held responsible for the replacement cost of all lost/damaged items in addition to a $2 service charge.
Parking Fine (each violation) $10 - $25
Payment Plan Fee $50
Returned Check Fee (each time)* $20
Study Abroad Application Fee $200
Transcript Fee (fax) $10
Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $50
Uniforms and/or tools (where required) Outfitter's Price

* Any checks payable to the college returned due to "insufficient funds" will be assessed a $20 fee. In addition to this fee, the college may require that all future payments be made by certified funds.