Online Learning

Is It Right For You?

Is an online course right for you?

This exercise will give you an idea of what an online course is like and if you are a good candidate to be a successful online student. This exercise will ask you some questions about your learning style and your motivations for taking an online course. Some of the questions may require you to do some critical thinking about your learning style. However, the more effort you put into thinking about these questions, the better you will understand what is expected of an online student. This is not a graded test, so please be as honest as possible with your answers. Once you're finished, click on "submit" to view the results. There are two parts to this exercise, so please be sure to complete the computer skills portion found at the end of the results page.

1. The amount of time I expect to spend on my online course is:

a) more than I would for an on-campus course.
b) the same as I would for an on-campus course.
c) less than I would for an on-campus course.

2. In regards to assessing my own progress and learning in a course:

a) I feel I can gauge how well I am doing on my own, even with little instructor feedback.
b) I need regular feedback from my instructor, but that feedback does not need to be immediate.
c) I need frequent and immediate feedback to assess my progress.

3. I consider my reading skills to be :

a) Very good - I need very little or no help to understand what I read and to implement that knowledge.
b) Average - I need to go over some sections twice and sometimes need an instructor's help to understand the material.
c) Not great - I have to reread many sections and usually need help in understanding the material.

4. When it comes to assignment deadlines:

a) I usually have things done ahead of time.
b) I usually have things done on time, but sometimes need reminders of the deadline.
c) I often turn in things late or forget they are due if I'm not reminded often.

5. I prefer my feedback from an instructor to be:

a) Written comments.
b) Written comments with some oral clarifications if needed.
c) I need oral comments to understand the feedback.

6. When given an assignment I prefer to:

a) figure out the instructions on my own with little clarification.
b) try to understand the instructions, then ask for clarification.
c) have the instructions explained to me in detail.

7. Classroom discussion is:

a) very important to my learning style.
b) somewhat important to my learning style.
c) not important to my learning style.

8. Having face-to-face contact with my instructor is:

a) not important to me.
b) somewhat important to me.
c) very important to me.

9. I consider my learning style to be:

a) Visual - I learn best by reading and viewing visual aids.
b) Auditory - I learn best when things are verbally explained to me.
c) Tactile - I learn best by "doing" (e.g., a lab experiment).

10. My primary motivation for taking a class online is:

a) I need it for my major or I am very interested in the subject material.
b) I love the internet, and taking a class this way seems like a perfect fit for me.
c) I want to save time.

11. The socials aspects of the traditional on campus environment are:

a) not very important to me.
b) somewhat important to me.
c) very important to me.

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