Online Learning

Interactive Television (ITV)

Interactive TVHudson Valley Community College also offers distance learning classes over two-way Interactive Television. This means that students at a remote site can join in a Hudson Valley class that is being taught on campus. The class is totally "live" and "interactive": the instructor can see and hear the students at the remote site at the same time the students can see and hear the instructor.

These courses are offered to high schools, colleges and other institutions. It is necessary for the interested site to have certain equipment in order to receive this programming. To find out what type of equipment you will need, call the Distance Learning Office at (518) 629-7070.

Distance Learning Offerings in the High Schools

High school students can receive college credit while experiencing an actual college class. Students who are enrolled in these classes will have the same rights and privileges as other Hudson Valley students, including access to the library and computer labs. High schools currently participating in the distance learning program include, Stillwater, Troy, Hoosic Valley, Mohonasen, Cohoes, North Warren and Berlin. To register see your advisor or call the Distance Learning Coordinator at (518) 629-7070.

Courses currently being offered by distance learning to high schools:

Cultural Diversity in American Society
Economics I (Macroeconomics)
Emergency Medical Technician
General Psychology
Introduction to Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
Legal and Ethical Environment of Business I (Business Law)

Distance Learning in the High Schools FAQ

How do I register for a distance learning course?

Step 1: During your "scheduling" with your guidance counselor get the "Student Record Information Sheet."
Step 2: Complete the "Student Record Information Sheet" and return it to your guidance counselor who will forward it to the college.
Step 3: Hudson Valley Community College will then send a bill, certificate of residence application, and other information directly to your home address.
Step 4: Follow the instructions on the certificate of residence application. You can obtain your notarized certificate of residence from your county/town treasurer's office.
Step 5: Return the following to Hudson Valley by the deadline on the bill: "Certificate of Residence - Student Record Information Sheet - Payment of bill
Step 6: When registration is complete, you will receive a schedule in the mail.

Are there any requirements?

Students should be recommended by their guidance counselor. Students must also be willing to adhere to the Hudson Valley schedule of classes. This may mean attending some classes on the Hudson Valley campus if the high school is closed for vacation. Sometimes these classes are carried on Time Warner Cable Television and you may be asked to sign a release form.

How much does a distance learning course cost?

An interactive television distance learning course for high school students costs $35 per credit hour (2007-2008 academic year). Some courses may have an additional lab fee.

Do I get credit for taking a distance learning course?

Yes. All courses listed in this brochure are fully accredited Hudson Valley Community College courses and taught by Hudson Valley faculty. You will receive an official Hudson Valley transcript. Most Hudson Valley courses will transfer, but you should check with the institution that you are applying to.

Is distance learning right for me?

Distance learning is for students who are motivated, work well independently, and are willing to make a commitment. Check with your guidance counselor to make sure the courses offered fit into your curriculum.