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Economic Impact Statement Shows the Power
of Hudson Valley Community College

An economic impact statement, commissioned by the college, provides a tangible glimpse at the real impact Hudson Valley Community College has on the Capital Region economy.

The comprehensive study by Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (Jan. 2011) shows that not only does Hudson Valley annually fuel the workforce of some critical industries in the region, it provides a key social, educational and economic benefit to the region as a whole.

Among other facts, the study noted:

  • Hudson Valley plays a critical role in numerous Capital Region job sectors, including health care, construction, criminal justice, teaching and engineering.
  • The Capital Region economy annually receives roughly $51.2 million in income due to college operations.
  • For every dollar of support, taxpayers see a cumulative return of $2.90 over the course of students' working careers in the form of higher tax receipts and avoided costs.
  • Education increases lifetime income. The average income at the career midpoint of someone with an associate degree in the Capital Region is $47,500, 35 percent more than a student with a high school diploma.
  • Higher earnings of Hudson Valley students and associated increases in state income expand the tax base in New York by about $108.6 million each year.
  • Students enjoy a 14.9 percent rate of return on their investment in a Hudson Valley education, recovering all the costs associated with their education in a little over 10 years.

Economic Contribution of Hudson Valley Community College
Analysis of Investment Effectiveness and Economic Growth
Jan. 31, 2011

For more than 50 years, Hudson Valley Community College has been the first choice for tens of thousands of students wishing to pursue their higher education. Eight out of ten graduates stay in the Capital Region to pursue careers, buy homes and become leaders in their communities.