Photovoltaic Installation (Certificate)


  1. When will the Photovoltaic Certificate be offered?
    The Photovoltaic Certificate course will be offered starting in the Fall 2007 term.
  2. What is the course schedule for the Photovoltaic Certificate?
    You can contact an Electrical Construction and Maintenance program advisor who will fax or email you a copy of the course schedule.
  3. Once I complete the Photovoltaic Certificate, will I be certified?
    All students in the Photovoltaic Certificate program will be offered the opportunity to take the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Photovoltaic Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge. This is not certification as an installer, but proof of learned skills that would allow you to pursue an internship, or a job with a certified installer. NABCEP requires proof of field experience before you are allowed to take the Certified Photovoltaic Installer examination.
  4. How do I seek jobs in the photovoltaic field?
    An internship program has been established by the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) for New York residents interested in pursuing a career in the photovoltaic field. The program allows a candidate to participate in a minimum of three installations totaling at least 10 kW in one year. Photovoltaic job listings are available through NYSEIA members, American Solar Energy Society and Northeast Sustainable Energy Association websites, and alternative energy fairs or conferences. Students may wish to consult the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) website for a listing of certified installers with whom they may find work. Students also are urged to file a resume with the college’s Center for Careers and Transfer. Any employer seeking an employee with a particular skill set will be forwarded resumes that are on file for that specialty. The person whose resume was sent out also will receive email notification of the potential position.
  5. About NABCEP Certification:
    In order for a photovoltaic system to qualify for a NYSERDA rebate or incentive, the State of New York requires that system be installed by a NABCEP certified installer. NABCEP certified installers must adhere to a code of ethics and demonstrate the requisite training and experience to ensure a safe and reliable equipment installation that will produce energy for decades. The Photovoltaic Certificate program will set you on the road toward that goal.
  6. How do I get started?
    To get started, you should contact the Hudson Valley Community College Admissions Office. After enrollment and placement testing, an academic advisor from the Building Systems Technology office will contact you.
  7. What if I want to learn about photovoltaic installation but I don’t want to complete the Photovoltaic Certificate?
    Hudson Valley Community College offers a non-credit photovoltaic course for individuals who are not interested in a career in the photovoltaic field or electricians who want to gain the requisite photovoltaic knowledge as a sub-specialty. This course is offered at various times throughout the year and is taught by instructors who are working installers. This is a condensed course for individuals who already possess some knowledge of the construction trades or the electrical codes.
    Contact: Workforce Development Institute - (518) 629-7338
  8. Is there a future in this field for installers?
    As energy costs increase, and advances are made in photovoltaic cell efficiencies and production, the cost of these systems and the return on investment can only improve. All across the nation, states are implementing incentives to reduce our consumption of imported fossil fuels, and to reduce strain on our aging electrical grid infrastructure. Photovoltaic installers will fill an increasingly important role in our energy independence within New York State, and in our country as a whole.

Contact information:
Admissions Office: (518) 629-7309 or
Building Systems Technology Office: (518) 629-7275
Workforce Development Institute (for non-credit photovoltaic course): (518) 629-7338