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School of Business
Department Chair Curriculum Code Program Name/Area
Karen Holmes, J.D. BAD Business Administration (AS)
BSA Business Administration (AAS)
James Looby CIS Computer Information Systems
CBA Computer Information Systems: Business Applications Programming
CEC Computer Information Systems: E-Commerce
CIP Computer Information Systems: Internet & Web Programming
CSA Computer Information Systems: System & Network Administration
CWW Computer Information Systems: Web Design and WWW Programming
ISC Information Systems (Certificate)
HIM Health Information Management and Technology
AIM Administrative Information Management and Technology
Ricky P. Thibodeau ATG Accounting - Business
ATC Accounting - (Certificate)
MKT Marketing

School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies
Department Chair Curriculum Code Program Name/Area
Christine LaPlante, Ph.D. CIV Civil Engineering Technology
CON Construction Technology - Building
CNC Construction - Certificate
CAD Computer Aided Drafting
MEC Mechanical Engineering Technology
Contact Building Systems
Technology Department
ECM Electrical Construction & Maintenance
HRS Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Services
PUT Plant Utilities Technology
Anthony Kossmann AMT Advanced Manufacturing Technology
ATS Automotive Technical Services
ABR Autobody Repair
ASEP Automotive Service Educational Program (GM)
ELT Electrical Engineering Technology
CAC Computer Aided Drafting Certificate
NIT Network and Information Technology
TLB Telecommunications Technology - Verizon

School of Health Sciences
Department Chair Curriculum Code Program Name/Area
Patricia Hyland CVT Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
EMS Paramedic AAS - degree
PAR Paramedic Certificate
PSG Polysomnography
RES Respiratory Care
Margaret Ewart Zapp XRY Radiologic Technology
MSC Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate
ECO Echocardiography
Patricia Klimkewicz, Ph.D. (Acting) NUR Nursing (Day)
NIR Nursing (PT Evening)
Judith DiLorenzo DHY Dental Hygiene
Lori Q. Purcell MTS Mortuary Science

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department Chair Curriculum Code Program Name/Area
Colleen Ferris PES Physical Education
Antoinette Howard
  Teacher Preparation
ECD Early Childhood
TCC Teaching Assistant Certificate
Ann Geisendorfer, J.D. CRJ Criminal Justice
FSS Forensic Science Studies
LBS Labor Studies
CPS Public Administration Studies
Susan L. Kutryb ENS Engineering Science
MAS Mathematics and Science
Maryanne C. Pepe HUS Human Services
CDC Chemical Dependency Counseling
Maria Palmara, Ph.D. ENG English
ESL English as a Second Language
  Modern Languages
Scott M. Hathaway FAR Fine Arts
GLM Gallery Management
THEA Theater Arts
BCC Broadcast Communications
Peter Sawyer, Ph.D. HUM History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
Peter Schaefer, Ph.D. BIO Biotechnology (AS)
ESC Environmental Science & Forest Technology
BIO Biology
PHY Physics
CHM Chemistry
CMT Chemical Technician
Brian Vlieg INS Individual Studies (AA) & (AS)
ZIS Non-matriculated Individual Studies
Heather Chase LAR Liberal Arts & Sciences
ZLA Non-matriculated Liberal Arts

Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
Support for Evening, Weekend, Off Campus, Intersession, and Summer Session Instructors

Faculty Information Sheets
Each term faculty should fill out a “Faculty Information Sheet.” You will be receiving this form along with the class list. Please complete and return the Faculty Information Sheet to the Continuing Education and Summer Sessions Office the first week that classes begin. Please note, telephone numbers are for our files only and will not be given out to students.

Each Continuing Education instructor who teaches on campus is assigned a mailbox in the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions. The mailboxes serve as a vital communication device for the office, instructors, and students. Instructors should check their mailbox at least once a week. Off-campus instructors will not have a mailbox. Those instructors will receive all correspondence at home, through the mail. Instructors who are assigned to teach both on and off campus, will have a mailbox in the office.

Office Phone and Voicemail
Presently, part-time faculty members are not issued a campus phone number with voicemail capabilities. For this reason, you are not required to offer your students a phone number in your contact information on your syllabus.

Off Campus Sites
For students who find traveling to our main campus inconvenient, the Continuing Education and Summer Session office sponsors a number of courses at off-campus locations. Off-campus courses start after on campus courses and have the same content/standards as those taught on campus. Click here for specific information when teaching at an off-campus location.

Academic Advisement for non-matriculated student.

Life Experience