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Media Equipment
Almost all on-campus classrooms are “smart rooms,” equipped with a computer, LCD projector and internet access. If your assigned classroom is not a smart room, you may request any of these resources to be delivered to your classroom. Instructors should arrive early to set up the equipment. A listing of available technology in the classrooms is available here.

  • For training on the media equipment that’s available at the college, please contact the Office of Instructional Technology at (518) 629-4600.
  • For emergency technical support during the day, please call (518) 629-4600. For emergency computer support contact Information Technology Services at (518) 629-7311.
  • For emergency technical support during the evening, please call the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions at (518) 629-7338.

Child Care Services

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Campus News and Events

  • Hudson Valley Campus Chronicle
    The Campus Chronicle is a daily electronic newspaper, which the college uses to alert employees of new policies and important news. Any member of the faculty or staff may submit information and/or articles to the Campus Chronicle.
    Articles are archived in case you don't get a chance to check it every day or need to refer back to a particular piece of information. Reading this paper is the best way to stay informed of campus news!

Center for Effective Teaching

Computer Learning Center (CLC)
In the lower level and on the second floor of the Marvin Library Learning Commons building — identified as academic study areas — there are numerous computer workstations for student use. Both labs are staffed by Learning Center education specialists. In the lower level lab, students may obtain assistance with all aspects of basic computer skills development, email, assignments and projects, internet and WIReD access, distance learning questions, and off-campus access issues. Faculty in the second floor lab, designated as the Writing and Research Center, are available to assist students with any step in the writing process and assignments from analyzing an article to writing a term paper. CLC faculty will also collaborate with you to plan specialized workshops, upon request. Please call (518) 629-7891 for more information.

Directories - Departmental and Employee

College Success Referral System

Emergency Information

Faculty Contract

Faculty Resource Room
There are computers, a copier, printers, fax, phone, CD burners, internet connections, and a Scantron machine available in this room for your use. There is also a SmartBoard that can be demonstrated for you or with which you can practice available in the room. You can request a key to this room from your department chair.
*If you are teaching in a computer classroom in BTC, your classroom key will open the Faculty Resource Room.

Human Resources

Instructional Media Center
The Instructional Media Center's faculty-driven programs provide support to your teaching/learning process. You may use the Instructional Media Center's resources directly in the classroom and through classroom reserve assignments. You also may support any distance learning components of your course through access to online resources. A 5,000-title media collection can be utilized by your students at the Instructional Media Center facility.

Learning Assistance Center
Located in the lower level of the Marvin Library Learning Commons building, the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) offers many programs to supplement your classroom instruction. Full-time education specialists in math and learning strategies work with students to reinforce concepts, help with assignments, review quiz and test results, and develop time management and active learning skills. Peer and professional tutors provide specific course assistance at scheduled times and help students establish study groups. For more information, please call (518) 629-7230.

You can access the library's online databases from any internet connection.

The library has a vital instructional program. For those instructors interested, you may bring your class for instruction on the many online library resources available. A librarian will also visit off campus courses for instruction as well. If you would like to take advantage of this program, please contact Bob Matthews at (518) 629-7392, or at r.matthews@hvcc.edu, with at least two weeks’ notice.

Office Phone and Voicemail
Presently, part-time faculty members are not issued a campus phone number with voicemail capabilities. For this reason, you are not required to offer your students a phone number in your contact information on your syllabus.

Office Space
Each department has office space available for instructors to conduct their office hours. Please contact your department chair for the location and keys to your office space.

Instructors are strongly encouraged to use the college's print shop for producing photocopies and transparencies, especially when a large number of copies are needed. You can obtain a Request for Design and/or Printing from your department or by click here. You will need your department's budget code, a signature, and the original(s) to be copied. If requested, the copies can be sent to you in Continuing Education (GUN 231) when they are ready.

There are several photocopiers located across campus for last-minute use. You will need to obtain your department's code in order to use the copier in BRN, LNG, and FTZ.

Location Notes
BTC 1052
Faculty Resource Room

Located on the first floor. This room is often locked. A key is available from the CET (BTC 1042) during regular business hours. You can request a key to this room from your department chair*.

Copy jobs are limited to 20 copies at a time on this machine.

*If you are teaching in a computer classroom in BTC, your classroom key will open the Faculty Resource Room.

BRN 007 Located in the basement.
This copier requires a four digit code, please check with your department chair for more information.
LNG Conference Room Located on the first floor, inside of lab. It is usually unlocked, if locked you can obtain a key from the office down the hall.
This copier requires a four digit code, please check with your department chair for more information.
FTZ 148 Located on the first floor. There are two high-volume copiers here, however transparencies are not allowed.
This copier requires a five digit code, please check with your department chair for more information.

Remote Network Access
The Center for Effective Teaching offers training to learn how to use FTP as well.

Security/Public Safety
The Public Safety Office, located in the Campus Center, is open 24 hours a day, every day. In case of emergency or general problems, please call (518) 629-7210 or 911 from any campus phone. It is requested that any emergencies or any incidents occurring in the evening, weekend or off-campus, also be reported to the Continuing Education and Summer Sessions Office located in Guenther Enrollment Services Center, room 231 or at (518) 629-7338.

Training/Professional Development
The college offers many opportunities for mentoring, training, and professional development, through the Center for Effective Teaching. Please see the Training for Employees webpage for more detailed information. Special funds are also made available through the Personnel Resources Committee for tuition assistance, conferences, and other professional development endeavors.