College in the High School
Online Courses

The College in the High School program at Hudson Valley Community College now offers online courses for students going into their junior or senior year and attending any New York State high school. Enrollment in these courses is limited to high school students.

Spring 2017 Online Offerings*

35931ACTG110315Financial Accounting4NoneSean Kerwin
35860ARTS100315Survey of Art History I3NoneMark Petersen
35861BADM110315Legal & Ethical Env of Bus I3NoneKaren Holmes
36438BADM111315Legal & Ethical Env of Bus II3BADM 110Karen Holmes
36813BIOL128315Sports Nutrition3NoneChristine Jenkins
36589CISS100315Intro to Computing & Information Sciences4NoneJames Looby
37382 ENGL 115 616 Library Skills for Research (Sprint) 1 None Mary Ellen Bolton
36902 ENGL 115 416 Library Skills for Research (Early Sprint) 1 None Mary Ellen Bolton
36903 ENGL 115 615 Library Skills for Research (Sprint) 1 None Mary Ellen Bolton
37549 ENGL 117 615 Mastering Essentials of Grammar and Punctuation (Sprint) 1 None Jan Geyer
35864 ENGL 120 315 Communications 3 None Sara Tedesco
36906 ENGL 154 315 Creative Writing: Non Fiction - NEW! 3 None Jaime Barrett
35933 ENTR 110 315 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 None Johanna Mather
36990 FREN 100 315 French Language & Culture I 3 None Malu Benton
36991 ITAL 100 315 Italian Language & Culture I 3 None Maku Benton
35866 LATN 100 315 Latin Language & Culture I 3 None Lou Chicatelli
37393 LATN 101 315 Latin Language & Culture II 3 LATN 100 Lou Chicatelli
35859 PSYC 100 315 General Psychology 3 None Erin Hatter
36905 RUSN 100 315 Russian Language & Culture I 3 None Natasha Anthony
36510 RUSN 101 315 Russian Language & Culture II 3 RUSN 100 Natasha Anthony
35939 SOCL 100 315 Sociology 3 None Dan Polak
36992 SPAN 100 315 Spanish Language & Culture I 3 None Malu Benton
36989 SPAN 101 315 Spanish Language & Culture II 3 SPAN 100 Malu Benton
37397 SPAN 200 315 Spanish Language & Culture III 3 SPAN 101 Valerie Sleight
*Subject to change

Advantages of College in the High School online courses:

  • Online courses do not affect students' academic schedules. Students work on computers on their own schedule, logging in for the required number of sessions per week (varies by course).
  • Students who entered their junior or senior year in spring 2017 at any New York State high school are eligible to participate.
  • Courses are taught by Hudson Valley Community College faculty.

Requirements for College in the High School online courses:

  • These courses are taught entirely online. Students must have access to a computer with an internet connection that meets the minimum system and browser requirements. Courses are managed in MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard. To test your system for compatibility, go to and click on Check System & Browser Requirements.
  • You must be able to utilize the Hudson Valley Community College WebMail system. (Your username and password will be sent to you at your home address after you are scheduled into the course. Read more in Accessing Student Computer Systems).
  • You must be able to budget your time and priorities. Online learning courses are NOT self-paced. They follow the semester calendar for registration, mid-terms, finals, etc. Homework and other assignments, tests and quizzes are due on a regular basis. Attendance and participation are measured by how often you log into the course and by completion of required learning activities, assignments, quizzes and tests. You can access the course at your convenience to complete your coursework each week following your class syllabus.
  • Instructional methods will depend on the course, but for most courses, all tests and finals as well as all assignments will be done online. Students will be expected to log on frequently and interact with their fellow students and the instructor.

Spring 2017 online courses begin Tuesday, Jan. 17 and end on Friday, May 12, 2017.
(Spring 2017 Registration Calendar)
This semester we are offering ENGL 115 Library Skills for Research and ENGL 117 Mastering Essentials of Grammar & Punctuation on separate dates from the other online courses. These courses are only one credit and run for eight weeks instead of fifteen (Early Sprint: Jan. 17 - March 10, 2017; Sprint: March 13 - May 12, 2017).

Registration: Nov. 16, 2016 - Jan. 23, 2107

Download Registration Form

Registration materials also are available through your guidance office, or you may request them by calling (518) 629-8164. The completed registration form must be signed by a school official.

  • Tuition is $50 per credit hour and scholarships are available to students who qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program.
  • Students will need to purchase textbooks. (Textbook Information)
  • For more information about our online courses, please contact Hudson Valley's Office of School Programs at (518) 629-8164.

All students must present proof of county residency.

  • Certificates for Spring must be dated no earlier than Nov. 18, 2016. Certificates of Residence are valid only if issued within 60 days prior to the start of classes.
  • Rensselaer County students should fill out the form, sign it and submit it with the registration form.
  • Students outside of Rensselaer County must fill out an application form, have it notarized, and submit it to their county clerk who will issue the official residency certificate.