Dental Assisting (Certificate)

Online Option

The Dental Assisting certificate can be completed online with an on-site clincal component. Online students must have ready access to a computer with an internet connection. Students must be self-motivated, organized and possess strong time management skills.

Dental Assisting Program

Steps to Enroll Online

Apply online using the college's WIReD system at

After you complete the application process, you will receive a confirmation letter. All accepted students will need to meet with the Dental Assisting Coordinator for a mandatory Orientation/Advisory meeting on campus before the fall semester. Once all requirements have been met, students will then be scheduled for the upcoming semester by the department.

Online degree advisors are Judith DiLorenzo ( and Gabriele Hamm (

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Important Additional Information

  • This one-year dental assisting online program prepares graduates for entry-level employment as a dental team member and satisfies all requirements set by New York State to become a Licensed Registered Dental Assistant (RDA).
  • Students are taught to perform chairside assisting, related laboratory practice, infection control, patient management, equipment operations, clinical dental assisting, radiology procedures and all delegable expanded functions permitted by the State Education Department of New York.
  • Student instruction includes 27 credit hours of coursework offered in an online format and 225 hours of hands-on clinical experience through a formal clinical internship. Note: 90 clinical hours will be required at the clinical site for the fall semester as well as 135 clinical hours in the spring semester.
  • In New York State, a dental assistant must be licensed in order to perform supportive services under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. (
  • Upon receiving Hudson Valley Community College Dental Assistant Certificate of Completion, the graduate may apply for the New York State Professional Dental Assisting Examination given by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB), and/or after competing 3,500 clinical hours may then challenge the National Certification (CDA) also given by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). Graduates may apply for licensure from the New York State Education Department after completing all of the above requirements; there is an additional fee for the examination and licensure process.
  • Please note that this is a fall-entry only program, and there are limited seats avalable.
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