Instructional Media Center (IMC)
GoPro Cameras Available for Student and Faculty Use

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Location: Marvin Library Learning Commons, lower level
Phone: (518) 629-7198 or (518) 629-7317
Hours: Open during Marvin Library Learning Commons hours

The Instructional Media Center is a centralized site that supports the college's academic community under the Instructional Support Services and Retention unit. The IMC facilitates the acquisition, housing, utilizing and circulation of more than 5,000 title hard copy media collection, as well as the acquisition and overseeing the circulation of 50,000+ titled streaming media resources.


L. Watson
Senior Media Specialist
(518) 629-7386

Donna Craver
Data Analysis Coordinator I
(518) 629-7198

Ann Driscoll
Senior Clerk
(518) 629-7317

Jacqueline Bernard
AV Aide
(518) 629-7382