About Us


Hudson Valley Community College faculty, staff, students and visitors now have the opportunity to offer feedback and comments about their experiences on campus by using input@hvcc.edu, the college’s 21st century suggestion box.

The creation of this formal mechanism for soliciting feedback addresses a need, identified in both the Middle States self-study and the college’s Internal Communications Committee report, for enhanced communication.

It is designed to increase the lines of communication on campus among all constituencies and allow the college to enhance the services it provides to students, faculty, staff and the public.

1. Input@hvcc.edu is designed to:

  • present rational concerns about the college’s processes and policies;
  • let the college know if you have a suggestion about how we can do things better;
  • provide an environment for ensuring that issues are addressed in a timely manner;
  • research an issue thoroughly to get at the root of a concern; and
  • help the college streamline processes and serve as a catalyst for positive change.

It is not a way to present your pet peeve each week or get your co-worker, boss or office enemy in trouble.

2. How will input@hvcc.edu work?

Comments to input@hvcc.edu will be received by the Office of the President. This office will then review the comments and forward them to the appropriate vice president for review and further action.

The Office of the President will respond in a timely manner to all comments received, letting the “submitter” know that his/her concern has been received and forwarded to the appropriate party for review and action.

Once an issue has been resolved, the appropriate vice president or his/her designee will respond to the person/persons who submitted the comment.

3. How does input@hvcc.edu differ from the current college grievance and/or student disciplinary process?

Input@hvcc.edu is a convenient way for students, faculty, staff and visitors to voice their opinions and offer feedback; it is separate and distinct from the formal grievance and student disciplinary process maintained by the college.

If a concern is more appropriately addressed through another established process, the submitter will be told that the concern can only be addressed through that other process.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact the Office of the President at (518) 629-4530.