International Language Lab

The Elbe River from the Bastei Rock in the Saxon Switzerland area (8/99). Hudson Valley Community College's International Language Lab is an exceptional instructional delivery system.  Built in 1990, it features a LLC-5510 SONY control console with 24 individual study carrels.  Each study carrel is equipped with its own TV monitor, 8 mm tape deck and audio cassette.  The equipment may be used independently or programmed by the instructor from the center console.

While seated at the center control console, the instructor is in charge of a sophisticated array of audio and video technologies.  The center console is operated by a user friendly, heat activated touch screen.  A color graphic depicts the classroom and the student carrels.  With a touch of the screen, the instructor can divide the class into multiple groups and give each a different activity.  For example, while some students watch a video on 12" laser disc, another might respond to cues on an audio tape, while a third group watches a live satellite broadcast.  The instructor has at his or her disposal two audio cassette decks, a VHS machine, a 12" laser disc player, an 8 mm video tape deck, and a video overhead projector.  The way the equipment is used is limited only by the instructor's imagination.

Each student carrel features a headset with an attached microphone.  The link of all the student headsets with the center console enables the instructor to communicate with the entire class or single out an individual student for extra help.  While the students are responding to cues on a foreign language tape, the instructor can monitor each student individually and correct pronunciation without disturbing the others.  The instructor can also direct the students to place a blank tape in their tape decks so they can make a personal recording of the audio tape used in class, with their own voice responding to the audio cues.  Many students find this comparison useful for improving pronunciation.

Another piece of equipment which lends itself to foreign language instruction is the video overhead projector.  The video projector sends a color, video image to the students' individual TV monitors.  The projector is not based on transparencies.  It can project a color image of anything placed underneath the lens-- from coins, stamps, menus, maps and print advertisements to other types of materials.  One of the most successful applications of the projector at Hudson Valley had been its use in Japanese classes.  The projector enables the Japanese instructor to demonstrate the writing of Kanji characters for the entire class right on their TV monitors, as opposed to on a standard chalk board.

Although the college's International Language Lab is predominantly used for language instruction, its audio and visual mediums could be applied to any academic discipline.  Presently, in addition to the five foreign languages being taught here (French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Russian), the lab is also being used for classes in Music Appreciation and English as a Second Language. 

Lab Hours

The Language Lab is open on a daily basis for independent study when it is not being used for classes.  For a current schedule listing class times and availability for independent study, please contact the lab office.

International Cinema Showcase

With the assistance of the Faculty Student Association, the language lab co-sponsors the showing of selected award-winning films from around the world during the fall and spring semesters.

Faculty members facilitate a discussion following the showing.

For more information about upcoming cinema showcase events, contact Natasha Anthony.

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Brahan Hall, Rooms 111-112
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