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Work Requests

Should a member of the campus community decide that services are needed from Physical Plant, he or she may either contact the department by telephone, at (518) 629-7356, or submit a work request.  Work requests are categorized by Physical Plant as follows: (1) Work Order; (2) Emergency Requests; (3) Environmental Safety and Health Request; (4) Facilities Committee Request; or (5) Special Events Request (through General Manager -EFM Complex)

1. Work Order
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Work orders are submitted for the repair or replacement of defective or worn-out parts of the college's facilities, such as lights, restroom fixtures, walls, floors, ceilings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, roofs, doors and windows.  Work  required for completion of work orders is scheduled in accordance with the physical plant  scheduling system.

Examples of work orders are as follows:
   a.  Request to office and classroom maintenance, such as wall repair
   b.  Request to adjust or repair the air conditioning or heating system
   c.  Request to adjust or repair the ventilation system in a rest room
   d.  Fixture replacements in rest rooms or employee work areas.

2. Emergency Work Request Made by Calling (518) 629-7356 or (518) 629-7210

An emergency work request is make in response to an unanticipated facility condition  that the originator perceives TO BE CAUSING damage to persons, property,  equipment or the environment; or in response to an unanticipated facility condition that  IS IMPEDING academic programming, delivery of educational services, or workforce productivity.

 Action on emergency work requests is immediate, without regard to the physical plant work order scheduling process or to campus scheduling.  Emergency work requests should be made over the telephone and should not be input into the online work order system.  Physical Plant staff will input the work order after the call is received stating that an emergency condition exists.

 The person reporting the emergency should state that the call is being made in response to an emergency, and should be prepared to provide information pertaining to location, date and time. 

     a.  Overflowing toilet in restroom
     b.  Fire in an electrical unit
     c.  Industrial barrel which is leaking

3. Environmental Safety and Health Work Request Made by Calling (518) 629-7163.

An environmental safety and health work request is made in response to a serious condition that the originator perceives MAY POTENTIALLY pose a threat to people, property or the environment.  While considered (A) priority requests, safety and health" work requests are not handled as emergencies.

Environmental safety and health work requests are reviewed, upon receipt, with the Campus Safety Officer. Should it be determined that the problem does in fact POSE A THREAT to people, property or the environment, the request is designated an (A) priority.
     a. Exit light out in academic building
     b. Debris in the hallway which could potentially
          block entrance/exit.
     c.  Empty fire extinguisher.
     d.  Leaking chemical substance

4.  Special Events Work Request  Requires Signature of DC/Administrative Supervisor

Work requests are considered Special Events Work Requests when used for campus set-ups such as special events, meetings, conferences, breakfast-lunch-dinner meetings, trade shows, job fairs, and outside recruitments.

Although Physical Plant plays an important role in most set-ups, the General Manager of the McDonough Complex has responsibility for coordination of the full range of services that are required for a set-up.  As such, the General Manager is the recipient of all Special Events Work Requests.

When planning for a special event, the requester is instructed to submit to the General Manager of the McDonough Complex a Special Events Work Request - a document which is separate and distinct from the Physical Plant Work Request.  A copy of this document may be obtained by contacting the General Manager's office at extension 4829.

The Special Events Work Request requires that the requester provide the following information, ten (10) work days prior to the day of the event. 

  1. Date, time and location of the event
  2. Description of the event
  3. Floor plan
  4. Need for peripheral services
  5. Other relevant information

All Special Events Work Requests require the signature of the department chair or administrative supervisor.  If submitted without appropriate approvals, they will be returned to the originator.  Should the requester need to submit a Special Events Work Request without the required ten days notice, the request must be signed by the responsible Vice President.
     a. Set-ups/break-downs for college functions
     b. Provision of materials, supplies and equipment for a function.
     c. Request to have office furniture moved within
         and between buildings, in connection with a
         special college event or program.


Not only are work requests categorized, they are also prioritized.  All work requests are designated either priority A, B, C or D, as defined below. The purpose of the prioritization is to permit efficient work request scheduling.

First allocation of materials and human resources.  As soon as materials, if needed, are available and campus scheduling permits, resources (i.e. Capital, Physical Plant staff and material) will be deployed.  Such requests may be received either in writing or over the telephone.

As soon as materials, if needed, are available and physical plant scheduling permits, resources (material and Physical Plant staff) will be deployed.

A work request for which no commitment as to completion date will be made.

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