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Athletics/Intercollegiate – Hudson Valley has a long tradition of intercollegiate athletic success and has fielded competitive varsity teams since the college’s inception in 1953. Viking athletes, both male and female, are recognized among the nation’s two-year colleges for their leadership and excellence.

Participation in intercollegiate athletics can enhance your educational experience. Tryouts for Hudson Valley’s varsity teams are publicized across the campus, and all students are welcome to attend. If you are interested in participating in athletics at Hudson Valley, please stop by Room 219 of the McDonough Sports Complex to fill out the necessary paperwork. Hudson Valley fields 18 intercollegiate athletic teams:
Cross Country (men)
Cross Country (women)
Football (men)
Soccer (men)
Soccer (women)
Tennis (women)
Volleyball (women)
Basketball (men)
Basketball (women)
Bowling (men)
Bowling (women)
Baseball (men)
Golf (men)
Golf (women)
Lacrosse (men)
Softball (women)
Track and Field (men)
Track and Field (women)
Phone: (518) 629-7328

Campus Ministry – Campus Ministry offers you the opportunity to deepen your faith while at Hudson Valley. The Campus Minister works with students to create an atmosphere in which they can integrate their faith with their social and educational life. An interfaith prayer room is available near the Campus Ministry office.
Campus Center, Room 220.
Phone: (518) 629-7168

Center for Access and Assistive Technology (Formerly Disability Resource Center) – The Center for Access and Assistive Technology (CAAT) assists students with disabilities in the pursuit of their educational objectives. If you have a disability, the CAAT can help you with pre-admissions counseling, placement testing, orientation, testing, assistance in obtaining note-takers and classroom accommodations. Services for students with learning disabilities and AD/HD also are provided through this office. The CAAT staff also can act as a liaison for you with faculty and campus offices and with local, state and federal agencies.
Campus Center, Room 112.
Phone: (518) 629-7154
TDD: (518) 629-7596

Experiential Learning – Some academic departments offer experiential opportunities for learning such as internships and practicums. For more information about the availability of these opportunities, contact your department chairperson. If your department does not offer these opportunities, check out ConnectU, offered through the Center for Careers and Transfer, which can help match you with a part-time position related to a future career. Or, explore the college’s Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement.

Center for Careers and Transfer – The Center for Careers and Transfer assists students and alumni in connecting with full-time, part-time, summer and experiential jobs . You also can meet with a professional counselor who has helped thousands of students discover their career direction. Comprehensive testing is available to help you determine how your interests, skills and personality align with careers. The center is staffed with experienced counselors who are available to talk with you and offer assistance if you have concerns about your educational plans and progress. Counselors can assist you with curriculum choices, academic difficulties and transfer counseling.
Campus Center, Room 270.
Phone: (518) 629-7326

Counseling Services – The center is staffed with experienced counselors who are available to talk with you and offer assistance with personal/psychological problems.
Campus Center, Room 260.
Phone: (518) 629-7320

Clubs and Organizations – There are more than 50 chartered clubs at Hudson Valley Community College. These clubs have been established to supplement students' academic experience through educational, socio-political, cultural, recreational and religious activity.
Phone: (518) 629-7348

Cultural Affairs – The Cultural Affairs program encompasses a wide range of events, including lectures, concerts, theater and dance performances, and visual arts exhibitions. These offerings enhance and complement the college’s academic offerings.
Phone: (518) 629-4TIX

Dental Health – Students, faculty and staff can obtain free or low cost dental health services, such as X-rays and cleaning, at the college’s Dental Hygiene Clinic. Dental Hygiene students, under the supervision of Dental Hygiene faculty, perform all services.
Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center, Room 127.
Phone: (518) 629-7400

Financial Aid – The Mastrangelo Financial Aid Center can provide you with complete and accurate financial aid information, publications and mailings, and counseling services about your aid package.

Financial aid is defined as any grant, scholarship, loan or employment opportunity that assists you with your education-related expenses. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of your need and the availability of funds.

More than 6,000 students receive assistance from the Mastrangelo Financial Aid Center each year.
Guenther Enrollment Services Center, First Floor.
Phone: (518) 629-7150

Health Services – The Health Services staff provides health information and medical attention to students, faculty and staff. Appointments are not necessary. There is no charge for care given in Health Services, but there may be charges for X-rays and lab procedures performed outside the college facility. If you are injured on campus, you must report the injury to Health Services staff. Your treatment records are confidential and are released only with written consent. Exceptions are made in cases where students or the community face potential danger.
Siek Campus Center, Suite 270.
Phone: (518) 629-7468

Housing – Hudson Valley does not offer on-campus housing, but the college’s Housing Office publishes a housing guide that can help you with your search.
Campus Center, Room 210.
Phone: (518) 629-7348

International Students– The Office of International Student Services, staffed by the international student advisor, assists international students who are studying in the United States on a student visa and domestic students with foreign origins. The advisor can assist with counseling and advisement on personal, academic and immigration policy-related issues. The advisor also serves as a liaison and advocates for international students with the Hudson Valley community, as well as with outside agencies, including United States citizenship and immigration services.
Campus Center, Room 230.
Phone: (518) 629-7567

Intramurals – The Athletics Department sponsors an extensive program of intramural sports and recreational activities. Any student and employee of the college can participate. You can keep in shape and enrich your college experience by participating in intramurals.

There are several intramural events scheduled each year, including traditional sports such as soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, and basketball, and activities such as darts, racquetball, disc golf and chess.
McDonough Sports Complex, Room 219.
Phone: (518) 629-7328

Legal Services– The college, in partnership with the Student Senate, has an attorney on staff that can help you if you need legal advice or assistance or have a legal issue pertaining to the college, faculty or staff. Consultations are free.
Campus Center, Room 210.
Phone: (518) 629-8173 or (518) 286-8403

Scholarship Opportunities – Although Hudson Valley’s tuition is one of the lowest among community colleges in New York, paying for college is never easy. Hudson Valley offers more than 100 scholarships that can assist you with tuition and related expenses.
Phone: (518) 629-8012

Student Activities Office – The Student Activities Office serves as the liaison between you and the college. If you have a problem, issue or concern, whether it is academic or personal, the Student Activities Office, located in Siek Campus Center Room 210, can help. The office also assists students who wish to schedule, participate in, or discuss campus activities.
Phone: (518) 629-7348

Student Government – The Student Senate promotes and coordinates student activities, authorizes the establishment of new clubs, and promotes students’ interests on campus. It also assists with a budget that supports the college’s extracurricular program of more than 50 different clubs.

The Student Senate is led by a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, and senators and officers are elected every year by the student body. In any given year, the Senate has openings for between 10 and 18 freshmen and up to 15 seniors, representing all four academic schools on campus. Students also elect a freshman class president and senior class president. Student Senate offices are located in Siek Campus Center, Room 210.
Phone: (518) 629-7348

Teaching Gallery – Students can take advantage of a 2,000-square-foot Teaching Gallery located in the college’s Administration Building. The gallery serves as a “living laboratory” where students from the Gallery Management program plan, hang and market upcoming shows. Exhibitions represent the work not only of students but also professional, mid-career and emerging artists. The artists make themselves available to the students at lectures and opening receptions.
Phone: (518) 629-8006

Viking Child Care Center– The Viking Child Care Center, an on-campus facility, provides care for 120 children aged six weeks to 5 years. Serving students, faculty, staff and the community, the Viking Child Care Center operates on a sliding-fee scale, allowing parents to work and/or attend college while their children are cared for in a safe, nurturing environment.
Phone: (518) 629-4506

Viking’s Cove Bookstore– The bookstore is located on the first floor of the Siek Campus Center. It sells textbooks, study guides, reference books, lab supplies and study aids. You also can buy school supplies, computer software, backpacks and book bags, candy and snacks, and Hudson Valley-embossed clothing and souvenirs.

Textbook Pre-Pack Service
“Pre-pack” is a convenient, free service that allows the Viking’s Cove Bookstore to pre-pack all the textbooks you will need for your upcoming semester. Students may contact the bookstore to pick up a pre-pack order form. After the order is completed, you may come to the bookstore to pick up your books. Those who make use of the pre-pack service may be eligible for gift certificate drawings.

Phone: (518) 629-7157

Where to Eat – Hudson Valley offers a wide variety of food service options, listed below, as well as vending machines throughout the campus.
Phone: (518) 629-7174