Workforce Development
Online Offerings: Workplace Readiness

Workforce Readiness Bundle, Self-Paced
69 Hours, 6.9 CEUs, Non-Credit

This course is for individuals who are transitioning into a new career field after 10 or more years in another career as well as individuals who are new to the workforce. The course covers the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace and includes topics such as critical thinking, communication, taking initiative, leadership and financial literacy. It also covers creativity and innovation, flexibility and adaptability, and social and cross-cultural skills.

Course content includes: applying critical thinking, questioning, and problem-solving strategies for the workplace; applying creativity skills and innovative thinking to the workplace; explaining ways to improve flexibility and adaptability and understanding their value in the workplace; describing effective workplace communication and collaboration techniques; explaining the principal elements of social and cross-cultural skills, and how they are applied to the workplace; describing the principal elements of initiative and self-direction, and how those elements contribute to achieving goals for the workplace; explaining ways to optimize productivity and accountability in the workplace; explaining the qualities and responsibilities of an effective leader and describing the principal elements of financial literacy.

Textbook (included with cost of tuition): eBook - Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success, 2/E. Lydia E. Anderson, Fresno City College (HEPM ID: 1954126); Sandra B. Bolt, Fresno, Prentice Hall, 2011.

Tuition: $349

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