Proposal Preparation

Great ideas can be the beginnings of great proposals.

To fully develop a compelling and comprehensive proposal also requires careful planning and organization.

Following are some basic steps to proposal development and preparation for employees to use.

If you are an outside organization or individual and would like to suggest Hudson Valley apply for a grant, please complete the Funding Needs Assessment and submit it for review.

Project Concept

  1. Develop Project Concept Profile
  2. Complete the appropriate Proposal Concept Approval Form below and submit to the Office of Grants Development.
  3. Schedule initial planning meeting with the Office of Grants Development.

Funding Source Identification

Consult resources on Grant Prospecting page. The Office of Grants Development will assist you in conducting a comprehensive search utilizing a variety of printed and electronic resources. The Office of Grants Development also will help you obtain any relevant guidelines and application materials.

The Grants Process - To Apply or Not Apply

Contact Cheryl Beauchamp, director of grants, at (518) 629-8177 or The director of grants will review the application and discuss your project and the proposal requirements with you and other staff members, as appropriate. She will help you clarify the grant requirements and assist in formulating your concept.

All grant applications must be reviewed by the Grants Committee prior to beginning a formal proposal. The Grants Committee is responsible for ensuring all grant projects are consistent with the college’s mission. The director of grants will put your grant or concept on the agenda and relay all background information to coordinate group discussion of the project.

The Grants Committee will review and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed project and the requirements of the grant application. The committee reviews the application according to the college’s financial commitment, ability to respond effectively to the application and the overall potential for success (see Evaluation Matrix). Based on the committee’s review and discussion of the grant, a decision whether or not to pursue a proposal will be made.

Proposal Development

  1. Set up your proposal outline, utilizing the basic components of a formal proposal.
  2. Establish time line for completion of proposal with the Office of Grants Development in order to ensure that it will be submitted, with all necessary internal approvals, by the funding agency's deadline.
  3. The Office of Grants Development will assist with your proposal development and will ensure that it conforms with any required format.
  4. Complete and obtain all required signatures for the Grant/Contract Proposal Form.
  5. Submit your completed formal proposal electronically to the Office of Grants Development for review and approvals at least seven business days prior to deadline.

Final Review Process

The Office of Grants Development will:

  • facilitate final review of the proposal for conformity to college standards and practices, including the hiring of personnel, budget expenditures, use of facilities, etc.
  • consult with all impacted departments prior to submitting the proposal to the president for signature.
  • conduct a final check with you to ensure that all required documentation is in order as required by the guidelines of the funding agency.

Proposal Submission

The Office of Grants Development will submit the proposal to the funding agency, as directed by the funder's guidelines and instructions for submittals.

Funding Agency Review

The Office of Grants Development will serve as the college's point of contact with the funding agency regarding their decision for an award. The Office of Grants Development also will facilitate a response to any requests for additional information.

If a grant is awarded, the Office of Grants Development will work with the funding agency, the project director, and the Finance Office to negotiate the final grant contract agreement and assist the project director with completion of the Grant/Contract Acceptance Form.

If a grant is declined, the Office of Grants Development will send a follow-up letter requesting reviewers' comments for study for future improvement.

Grant Implementation

The implementation and day-to-day operation of the grant program is the responsibility of the Project Director/Principal Investigator.

Prior to the start date of the grant, the Office of Grants Development will meet with the Project Director and a representative from the Finance Office to review all purchasing, payroll, and other reporting procedures and requirements for proper administration of the grant.

Reports and Evaluations

Periodic and final reports and evaluations are the responsibility of the Project Director. The format is usually dictated by the funding agency. The Office of Grants Development can assist you in the compilation of data and information.

Contact Information

Grants Development

Cheryl Beauchamp
Director of Grants
Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center, Room 136
Fax: (518) 629-8070