Employee Printing in VDI


In the VDI evironment, you can select a different set of printers for each location that you connect from.


The first time you connect from a particular location, you will be presented with an option to run the Printer Chooser. The Printer Chooser will connect the printers of your choice, and will restore those printers whenever you log in from that same location.

If you decline to run the chooser, you will not be prompted again for that station. If you need to run the printer chooser at any time, you can find it pinned to the top of the Start Menu.

Printer settings and preferences will be retained across logons and locations, no matter where you are.

Using the Printer Chooser

You may select from lists of printers that are near your physical location, all available printers, or printers that you have used in previous locations.


To connect your printers:

  1. Check the boxes next to the printers you would like connected
  2. Select your default printer for this location
  3. Click "Connect to selected printers"

Depending on the type and number of printers selected, this may take a few minutes to complete. For best results and quicker installation, please ensure that the printers are powered on before proceeding.

If you do not see the particular printer that you are looking for, please contact the ITS Help Desk.