Installing Microsoft Office 2016 on Windows and Linux

Microsoft Office 2016 is available to all current students, staff and faculty and may be installed on up to 5 personal devices.

Before Installing:

  • You must have local administrator privileges on the computer to install the software.
  • Devices with Office 365 ProPlus installed must connect to the internet at least once every 30 days for automatic license re-activation.

Step 1

In your web browser, navigate to Microsoft Office 365 Office Software Install page and enter your college email address and password to login.

Step 2

Confirm your preferred Language and Version then click the Install button.

Office 2016 Installation Step 2

Step 3

Follow the on screen prompts and click Run from the dialog box.

Office 2016 Installation Step 3

Step 4

Allow the installer to finish. Once complete, you may open the application from your desktop, start-menu or taskbar tray. When prompted, login with your college email address and password.

Office 2016 Installation Step 4