Voicemail Instructions

Get Messages

Dial voicemail number 8088 (or press "messages" envelope button on Avaya telephone) Enter password

Review Messages

Press 2, then press 1 (to hear who message is from), then press 0 to hear message

Record Greetings

  1. Press 3 for Administrative Options
  2. Press 2 to record greetings for Primary or Alternate greetings.
    • It is not necessary to have both inside and outside greetings, but is an option. If you wish to just have a primary greeting and 1 alternate greeting, you may use just inside greetings option.
  3. Press number of greeting option desired for recording

Change Greetings:

  1. Press 3 for Administrative Options Press 1 for Greeting Options
  2. Press 1 to alter greetings
  3. Press 1 to go to voice mail
  4. Press number of greeting option desired (must have greeting recorded)
  5. Press 1 if correct

Mailbox Controls

    • To restart the message, press 2
    • To pause the message, press 3
    • To restart a paused message, press 3 To turn up the volume, press 4
    • To back up 4 seconds, press 5
    • To jump forward 4 seconds, press 6
    • To turn down the volume, press 7
    • To slow the message down, press 8
    • To speed the message up, press 9

Main Menu Options

    • To record your greeting, press 1
    • To get messages, press 2
    • To administer your name or greeting press 3
    • To change password or mailbox options, press 4
    • To administer lists, press 5
    • To change outcalling options, press 6