Office Phone Voicemail

On-Campus Access

From your office phone, dial 8088 and enter your voicemail password. You may also press the "messages" envelope button on your Avaya phone.

Off-Campus Access

To access your voicemail from off-campus, dial (518) 629-8088 from any phone. 

There will be a 10 second delay between the automated system answering the call and then beginning to speak. Please be patient.

Follow the automated voice instructions to access your voicemail inbox.

Voicemail To Email

All employees have being enrolled in the Voicemail To Email service as of March 18, 2020.

Voicemails left for your extension will be forwarded as attached audio clips to your email from sender Unified Messaging <> with the subject New Voicemail Message (Msg #).

Please be advised that you will still need to regularly dial into your voicemail and delete the messages to prevent your voicemail from becoming full.

Voicemail Management

Once you have logged into your voicemail, you may perform any of the actions below.

Main Menu Options

    • To record your greeting, press 1
    • To get messages, press 2
    • To administer your name or greeting press 3
    • To change password or mailbox options, press 4
    • To administer lists, press 5
    • To change outcalling options, press 6

Review Messages

Press 2, then press 1 (to hear who message is from), then press 0 to hear message

Mailbox Controls

    • To restart the message, press 2
    • To pause the message, press 3
    • To restart a paused message, press 3 To turn up the volume, press 4
    • To back up 4 seconds, press 5
    • To jump forward 4 seconds, press 6
    • To turn down the volume, press 7
    • To slow the message down, press 8
    • To speed the message up, press 9

Record Greetings

  1. Press 3 for Administrative Options
  2. Press 2 to record greetings for Primary or Alternate greetings.
    • It is not necessary to have both inside and outside greetings, but is an option. If you wish to just have a primary greeting and 1 alternate greeting, you may use just inside greetings option.
  3. Press number of greeting option desired for recording

Change Greetings:

  1. Press 3 for Administrative Options Press 1 for Greeting Options
  2. Press 1 to alter greetings
  3. Press 1 to go to voice mail
  4. Press number of greeting option desired (must have greeting recorded)
  5. Press 1 if correct