The EOC provides support services and individualized instruction to help you adapt more easily to your return to school or transition to the workforce.

We offer the following services:

  • College Connections
    College Connections is designed to help you learn about college opportunities and the benefits of a college degree.
  • Employment Services
    The Employment Services Center has a staff of employment specialists to help you seek and obtain jobs. They offer resume preparation and cover letter assistance, computer and internet access, research assistance, job development and placement activities, and other job hunting aids.
  • Counseling Services
    Counseling Services help students overcome personal barriers to academic and vocational success. Job readiness training is also available.

Student Handbook
This handbook is designed to provide you with necessary information about the Capital District Educational Opportunity Center. Please keep it handy for future reference. If you have any questions — please ask!

College Connections

If you would like to go to college but don’t know where to start, College Connections can help! College Connections is designed to help all EOC students learn about options for college and the benefits of a college degree.

College Connections can help you explore college options through college fairs, workshops and field trips; take tours of college campuses; select a college and program of study that will fit their needs, complete the college application process, attend college readiness workshops to earn a College Readiness Certificate, and explore scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

For more information, call (518) 273-1900 ext. 2270.

Employment Services

Phone: (518) 273-1900 ext. 2270
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The EOC's Employment Services Center, funded by the New York State Education Department's Perkins III allocation, provides resources and services to assist you in your job search and employment success. Services include state-of-the-art computer equipment; employer job listings and referrals; internet access; career reference materials; fax and copy machines to use for your job search, and more.

The Employment Services staff is also committed to your long-term employment success. Please feel free to stop in and visit the Employment Services Center or schedule a time to meet with one of our Employment Specialists. We look forward to meeting and helping you in find and keep the job that is right for you!

Services Provided

  • Career Counseling
    One-on-one counseling helps to determine the skills you already have and the training that’s available to you so that you can develop an attainable career path for long-term success. We also offer a referral service for employment incentives.
  • Career and Personal Development Training
    We provide group training and/or individualized counseling with regard to job readiness and preparation, barriers to employment (felony convictions, transportation, child care, disabilities), interviewing skills and preparation, personal presentation skills, job search strategies, job retention, health-related issues affecting employment, problem-solving, professionalism in the workplace and more.
  • Resume Profile Development
    We’ll discuss your employment and training experiences and develop a concise, professional, and marketable resume to give you the edge in today's job market. We can also help you write your cover letter.
  • Portfolio Development
    We can help you organize your resume, business references, recommendation letters, awards and certificates, and other materials that will be helpful in finding employment and reaching your career goals.
  • Employment Opportunities - Job Opportunities Center Bulletin Board
    Job opportunities are posted outside the Employment Services Centers and updated frequently. You can also access job listings from daily newspapers and access the internet to look for job postings online.
  • Re-Employment Opportunities
    Our job network is available to all current and former EOC students, as well as graduates. to help them maintain continuous employment. If you become unemployed, please free to contact one of our employment specialists for assistance or make use of the Employment Centers and Job Opportunity Center bulletin board.
  • Internships to gain work experience for the new career training
    Internships can help you develop the work habits that will improve your chances of finding and keeping a job long-term, along with boosting your sense responsibility and self-esteem. Students who are actively enrolled at the EOC have the chance to participate in one of these internships. You must achieve a required skill and performance level in your training program before being placed in an internship. While some internships may be paid, in most situations they are unpaid.

Counseling Services

Returning to school can bring stressful and uncomfortable feelings to many adults, but the EOC's counselors work diligently to give each student the greatest chance at success.. Counselors help students gain the academic, social, and emotional support they need to successfully complete their program of choice.

EOC's Counseling Services include assessment of student interests and abilities; problem solving; day to day support to help complete programs successfully; community agency referral; help with High School Equivalency (HSE) applications; help with college applications and financial aid; and general college information.

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