Architectural Technology (A.A.S.)

The Architectural Technology degree program prepares you to work in the architecture field. You will gain a fundamental understanding of the planning, design and erection of buildings. The degree can be used to begin a path toward a career as a licensed architect.

Graduates may choose to enter the workforce or continue their education at a four year-college.

This program is offered by the Civil, Construction, Industrial and Mechanical Technologies Department.

  • General Information
    Includes: Program Description, Entrance Requirements, Course Requirements, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Program Highlights

  • Students can plan and complete their first two years of an architecture baccalaureate degree with proper advisement.
  • Required and elective courses in the program emphasize detailed residential and commercial construction drawings, rendering and designing of a variety of building types applying current codes, drafting media, and computer generated design.
  • Equally emphasized is the understanding of building methods, materials, structure and mechanical systems and cost estimating procedures.


Graduates will be qualified for employment in architectural design and planning firms as well as for positions in architectural preservation, development corporations, construction companies, engineering firms and surveying firms.

Common careers for students completing the Architectural Technology degree are: Draftsperson; Junior Designer; Junior Architect; Architectural Designer; Architectural Project Manager.

Recent employers have included: A+ Architecture; De Raven Drafting and Design; UW Marx.

Salaries vary based on position and degree attainment. All states and the District of Columbia require architects to be licensed. Licensing requirements include a professional degree in architecture, a period of practical training or internship, and a passing score on all parts of the Architect Registration.

Here are median salaries taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of 2012): Draftsperson, $47,880; Architect, $72,550.

Dr.  Christine LaPlante
Department Chair
Civil, Construction, Industrial and Mechanical Technologies Department
Hudson Hall, Room 129
(518) 629-7355

Architectural Technology Student and InstructorFor more information regarding this program, please contact:

Sue Kilgallon
Hudson Hall, Room 153
(518) 629-8005

John Coffey
Adjunct Faculty
Hudson Hall, Room 133
(518) 629-8056

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For more information about admission to this program, please contact:

Admissions Office
Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 223
(518) 629-7309