College in the High School

How to Register and Other Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get college credit for my high school classes?
When you schedule with your guidance counselor, ask if any of your classes are available for college credit. If they are, obtain the Student Record Information (SRI) form from your guidance counselor. Complete this form and return it to your guidance counselor or the college. This begins the registration process. Refer to the following section on "How Do I Register for College Credit?" for further information.

What can I do with the college credit?
When you apply to college, you will be asked if you have any previous college credit. College credit that you earn by registering through Hudson Valley Community College will create a college transcript. You may use this credit at Hudson Valley or transfer it to another college pending their evaluation. You should request that a copy of your transcript be forwarded from the Registrar's Office directly to any colleges you apply to.

What are my transfer opportunities?
For a listing of transfer opportunities and articulation agreements with other colleges and universities, visit our Transfer Services page.

How much does it cost?
Courses offered through this program for the 2017-2018 academic year will cost $55 per credit hour. For example, Psychology is a 3-credit hour course, so it would cost $165.

How do I register for college credit?

  1. Complete the Student Record Information (SRI) form which is available from your guidance counselor. Return it to your guidance counselor or the college at: Hudson Valley Community College, Registrar's Office - GUN 136, 80 Vandenburgh Avenue, Troy, NY 12180.
  2. When Hudson Valley Community College's Registrar's Office receives your SRI form, the college will schedule you for the college credit.
  3. Tuition bills are mailed on a weekly basis beginning approximately 60 days prior to the start of class, and continuing until two to three weeks prior to the start of class. If we do not receive your SRI form before our final billing run for the term, you will have to pick up your bill in the Cashier's Office.
  4. You must pay your Hudson Valley Community College tuition bill and provide a Certificate of Residence by the due date on the bill in order to be registered for college credit. Certificates of Residence are valid for one year. If you need one, it will be indicated on your tuition bill. Refer to the Certificate of Residence section for more information on this form. Payment may be made in the form of cash, check, Discover, MasterCard or Visa.
  5. Immunization Information. Hudson Valley, in accordance with New York State law, requires College in the High School students enrolled in six or more credits to provide immunization records to the college’s Health Services Office. (This applies only to students enrolled in an on-campus or Interactive Television course.)
  6. After you make payment you are registered. The college will issue the student a schedule that includes class times, room assignments, and instructor names, if appropriate.

What if I don't want the college credit?
If you do not want the college credit, simply do not fill out the SRI form. Or, you can choose not to pay your bill. If you do not pay your Hudson Valley tuition bill, you will automatically be removed from the college's files.
Note: If you have registered for more than one course within a particular term and opt to pay for only one course, failure to pay for the second course will NOT relieve you of tuition liability for subsequent courses within the term. You must notify the Registrar's Office, in writing, of your intent to drop subsequent courses within a particular term.

How long do I have to decide?
You have until the deadline for payment to decide. This date is printed on the bill you receive. If you change your mind after you have submitted the payment, please refer to the refund, add/drop, and withdrawal policies below. Refer to the appropriate registration calendar for the specific semester for the deadline dates.

Refund Policy
All refunds must be applied for in writing to the Registrar's Office. The date your correspondence is received by the college is the effective date for the refund calculation. Refunds are based on the official starting date of the semester, not on the student's actual class attendance. Refunds will be granted according to the Hudson Valley Community College refund schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Official notification of withdrawal is required. Not attending class, informing the instructor of withdrawal, or stopping payment on a check used for tuition DOES NOT constitute official withdrawal and WILL NOT change tuition liability. Students should allow two to three weeks for refund claims to be mailed. For a list of refund deadlines, please refer to the appropriate registration calendar for the specific semester.

A student may request in writing to add or drop a course, with the approval of a guidance counselor, by the authorized Add/Drop deadline, which can be found on the registration calendar. A course dropped during this time will not appear on an official transcript. If you add a course, tuition liability is immediately incurred. The course will not purge for non-payment.

Course Withdrawal
A student may withdraw from a course, receiving a grade of "W," after the Add/Drop period has ended. Withdrawal forms are available from the Registrar's Office or the high school guidance office and must be signed by the guidance counselor. It is the student's responsibility to return the form to the Registrar's Office by the withdrawal deadline date listed on the registration calendar. Discontinuance of class attendance or notice to the instructor does not constitute authorized withdrawal.
PLEASE NOTE: Withdrawal from a course may affect academic standing and/or financial aid eligibility.

How do I get my grades?
Hudson Valley Community College posts all mid-term and final grades to students’ Hudson Valley WIReD accounts ( instead of mailing grade reports. If you need help accessing your grades, contact the WIReD help desk at (518) 629-7700.

What is the policy on academic standing if I take a College in the High School course?
If you plan to attend Hudson Valley Community College in the future, your success in your College in the High School course(s) will be considered when determining future matriculation, financial aid and athletic eligibility. Your academic standing may be affected by grades of "W" (course withdrawal), "F" (failure) or "Z" (absent without withdrawal). If you are considering withdrawing from a course, or uncertain whether to complete a course, please contact the Registrar's Office to discuss any possible ramifications.

For information, contact:

  • Your guidance counselor
  • Susan Agan
    Technical Assistant
    (518) 629-8164