Nursing (A.A.S.)

Mission Statement

The Nursing department is an integral part of Hudson Valley Community College and subscribes to the Hudson Valley mission statement and objectives. This is evident in the philosophy, conceptual framework, program outcomes and graduate outcomes of the department. The Nursing department has responded to the needs of the community by providing graduates who provide direct care to patients and families with common health care needs in structured settings.

Conceptual Framework

Because we believe that people, bio-psycho-social beings, adapt to an ever-changing environment, it is anticipated that there are certain stages throughout the life cycle when adaptation must take place. When people find it difficult to adapt this produces a crisis situation. We believe that the associate degree nurse helps people to make acceptable adaptations to identified problems. With this framework as a guide, we will study the concepts of stress, immobility, loss and crises throughout the curriculum.

Stress Adaptation

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Program Outcomes

The Nursing program will graduate individuals who will:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking by using the nursing process.
  2. Utilize communication techniques within a therapeutic relationship.
  3. Demonstrate psychomotor and psychosocial therapeutic interventions directing individuals, families and communities.
  4. Express satisfaction with the program of learning received at Hudson Valley Community College.
  5. Perform successfully on the National Council Licensing Examination.
  6. Be successfully employed as a Registered Professional Nurse.
  7. Be rated as competent by their employers.

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Graduate Outcomes

  1. Apply concepts from the arts, sciences and humanities to the science of nursing.
  2. Use a problem solving/critical thinking approach by means of the nursing process to individualize client care.
  3. Use interpersonal and communication skills to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with clients, their families and/or significant other.
  4. Perform safely as a technically competent nurse.
  5. Practice nursing in such a manner that will respect the health problems, cultural diversity and the uniqueness of clients across the life span from various educational and economic backgrounds.
  6. Utilize the ethical and legal principles within the health care delivery system.
  7. Function as a member of an interdisciplinary team within health care delivery systems.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of community resources to promote, maintain or restore the client's optimum level of health.

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