Health and Wellness Studies (A.S.)

Health and Wellness StudiesThe Health and Wellness Studies associate degree program is designed for students who wish to start a path toward a four-year degree in health education, community health, health and wellness or other associated degrees.

Students may also pair the degree with the college's Worksite Health Promotion certificate program to prepare for a career in corporate health and wellness.

The degree is offered through the Health, Physical Education and Exercise Studies Department.

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Program Highlights

  • Students may transfer from this program to the Health Education and Community Health B.S. degree programs at SUNY Cortland and the Health and Wellness B.S. degree at Buffalo State College.
  • Our lead instructor is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)
  • You can utilize of state-of-the-art exercise science technology on our campus.

Scholarships Available Scholarships available.

Career and Transfer Opportunities

This is primarily a transfer program and aims students toward a bachelor's degree in the health education and community education fields.

Students who start in the Health and Wellness Studies degree program and continue on to complete a four-year degree may pursue careers as an elementary health education specialist; high school health educator; junior high school health educator; prevention specialist in school district or community; district health education coordinator; public health educator; corporate wellness/prevention coordinator.

Salaries vary based on position and degree attainment. Here are median salaries taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of 2015): Health Educators and Community Health Workers, $43,840.

The Center for Careers and Transfer offers Career Services and Transfer Services to all students.

For more information regarding this program, contact:

Colleen Ferris
Department Chair
McDonough Sports Complex, Room 206
(518) 629-7372
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For more information about admission to this program, contact:

Admissions Office
Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 223
(518) 629-7309