News and Events

Our Communications and Marketing staff is happy to assist members of the media in tracking down a lead, digging up interesting story ideas, and providing any information about the college that is needed.

Most of our staff members cover a certain "beat." Check beneath our names to find out who can best assist you with a certain academic department or area of the campus.

Our staff also assists with publication of all college collateral material, including catalogs and academic brochures.

Dennis Kennedy
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
(518) 629-8071

Chief College Spokesperson
Cogeneration Plant
Foundation/Alumni Relations
Instructional Support Services
Physical Plant/Campus Safety
Presidential Communications
Viking Video Technologies

Eric Bryant
Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing
(518) 629-8072

Center for Effective Teaching/Distance Learning
Community and Professional Education
Continuing Education/Summer Sessions
School of Health Sciences
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Workforce Development Institute

Teresa Farrell
Communications and Marketing Specialist
(518) 629-7180

Facilities Utilization/Special Events
High School Programs
School of Business
School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies
Student Services (except Admissions)

Deborah Gardner
Program Assistant
(518) 629-8071

General Office Inquiries
Cultural Affairs
Voices: A Library Lecture Series
Teaching Gallery

Athletic Inquiries
Justin Hoyt

Director of Athletics
(518) 629-7328

Web Inquiries
Sandra Eyerman
Web Coordinator
(518) 629-7737