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Wall lockers are available for student use in Amstuz and Brahan Halls. The lockers are located on all three floors of Amstuz Hall and on the first floor of Brahan Hall.

The lockers are assigned by the Student Activities Office, located in the Siek Campus Center, Room 210. A HVCC ID is required for locker rental, and a $10 fee will be charged per semester. Students should pay the fee at the Cashier’s Office, first floor of Guenther Enrollment Services Center, and bring receipt of payment to the Student Activities Office, where a locker and combination will be assigned. For security purposes, only one individual is assigned per locker and only that individual may obtain combination information (ID must be presented).

In the event the student loses or forgets the combination, he/she should return to the Student Activities Office for a reassigned combination.

The contents of all assigned wall lockers must be removed by the last day of class of each semester.