Learning Assistance Center - Math


In the mathematics area of the Learning Assistance Center (LAC), located on the lower level of the Marvin Library Learning Commons, our goal is to provide the support necessary for students enrolled in math courses, addressing content from arithmetic through calculus. Instruction is provided during the hours the building is open.

Students who utilize LAC services have the opportunity to get instruction in math study skills, concepts ranging from numeric skills to logs, and a variety of other areas. The LAC faculty also present workshops in a variety of key mathematics areas.

Get Connected!
To access online math support, including printable and interactive resources, enroll in the Learning Centers - Math Organization.

It’s easy to enroll! Here’s how:

  • Login to MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard
  • Click the Community tab
  • In the Instructional Support – The Learning Centers box click the Math link
    • On the resulting page click the Submit button
    • Click the OK button to enter the organization