How can I find the latest information regarding my major requirements and course descriptions for my degree program?
Advisors suggest that you retain a copy of the College Catalog from the academic year that you matriculate in your program. The major requirements listed in that catalog will be the requirements that you must meet for graduation.

Am I matriculated?
You are a matriculated student if you have been formally accepted for admission to the college, have registered in a major or designated program, and are pursuing courses toward a degree or certificate. You will lose matriculated status if you do not enroll for more than two terms.

Do I have to complete my degree within a certain amount of time?
Requirements for degree completion are based on those stated in the catalog for the year you matriculate in a specific program. You will have a maximum of five (5) years from the date of matriculation to complete a degree based on those requirements. After the five (5) year limitation, requirements for all programs convert to those cited in the most current catalog. You may opt for the current catalog requirements at any time.

Am I assigned an advisor or can I choose one?
While each advisor has sufficient training and knowledge to advise for any engineering and industrial technology degree program, they also have particular areas of expertise. Our office staff is trained to listen to the questions you may have and put you in contact with the advisor who can best help you. If you prefer a specific advisor for all of your advisement visits and appointments, we will be glad to accommodate you whenever possible.

Why do I have to go to my advisor to change my classes during the first week of classes (Add/Drop Period)?
Once classes begin, any change in credit load or course work could affect your tuition bill, financial aid eligibility, and tuition reimbursement. By asking you to work directly with your advisor, the college can better assist you in these areas.

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