Jury Duty

Although different contracts address the topic differently, if at all, the college policy has certain common expectations of all employees:

  • Upon receipt of a jury duty summons, an employee should notify the immediate supervisor and notify the Office of Human Resources
  • A copy of the jury duty summons must be provided to the Office of Human Resources prior to jury duty service to validate the jury duty leave.
  • When actually on jury duty, the employee must obtain validation from the court clerk of hours served and provide that validation to the Office of Human Resources.
  • If jury service does not take up an employee's entire normal workday, the employee must return to work for the balance of the day. In addition, any time taken for jury duty service should be noted on the employee's timesheet for that period. (Note: Special arrangements are made for employees who work late shifts. Contact the Office of Human Resources for advice.)
  • Public employees are not supposed to receive pay from the court (since you are being paid anyway). Do not sign any form provided by the court that would produce pay for service. Federal jury service is an exception to this rule.

Compliance with this procedure is expected. Failure to comply may result in a charge to accrued leave or loss of pay.