Workers Compensation

Job related injury or illness may qualify you for compensation for loss of income or leave accruals. The college is a member of the Rensselaer County Workers Compensation Pool administered by Rensselaer County and benefits are prescribed by NYS law. Basic operation of the law includes:

  • The requirement that a case be initiated by the filing of an incident report with the college through the College Health Service or the Public Safety Office [if Health Service is closed] and Office of Human Resources to be forwarded to the current consultant, Benetech, Inc.
  • Need to report the claim in writing on forms provided by the college within thirty days of occurrence.
  • Use of accrued sick leave ( or other leaves once sick leave is exhausted) to cover pay while absent until the claim is adjudicated.
  • Awards resulting in restoration of leave accruals and or actual dollar awards in cases of disabilities.
  • Compensation available directly from the system when college leaves are exhausted or the injured individual so chooses.

When returning from an injury, hospitalization, any surgery or protracted illness, all employees must report first to the College Health Service to submit physician's clearance to resume job duties. In some cases, the College Physician or Health Service Director may wish to discuss or examine the condition. This process is necessary to protect both college and employee. In general "light duty" is not allowed.