Employee Author and Artist Collection

The Hudson Valley Community College Authors and Artists Collection consists of publications and creative works by the college’s employees, and is intended to recognize, exhibit, collect, and promote their scholarly and creative output.

Authored works to be collected include books, journal articles, dissertations/theses, papers in published conference proceedings, translations, edited pieces, and other materials generally recognized or defined by the college administration or Board of Trustees as scholarly. Excluded, are letters to the editor (except for significant national or professional publications), regional and local association newsletters, and campus publications. Artists’ creative works include video recordings, audio recordings, exhibit catalogs, programs from theatrical productions and similar items. Reviews of employee scholarly or creative works are also included. Works by former employees with faculty emeritus or retiree status are included; works published before or after college employment are included if the college is identified in the author’s affiliation.

Items collected will be added to the archives to be catalogued and held permanently. Recent works will be displayed in the Marvin Library. An online listing of the collection will be available in the near future. When works are consistent with guidelines for the circulating collection, a second copy will be added to the circulating collection whenever available. The circulating copy may be withdrawn if content becomes obsolete or meets other deaccession criteria.

Authors and artists are responsible for identifying works that meet the criteria for inclusion in the collection and are invited to donate copies of their published scholarly or creative work. Contact the library director for more information. An annual reception will be held to recognize authors and artists whose works have been newly added to the collection.

Acknowledgement is given to the Display-to-Archives Program at Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego, and its published policy available at www.oswego.edu/library/display-archives.

From the collection:

Complete List of Works in the Collection (as of July 2013)

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