Meet the Mentors

Faculty mentors are “go-to” people who have been cross-trained on the equipment that you will encounter in your classroom. Mentors can help with the instructor consoles, basic computer tasks, SmartBoard, computer software, and with pedagogical areas such as learning styles, syllabi, and with quick questions about the campus in general.

Mentors also have areas in which they specialize. For example, while some mentors may work very comfortably with Microsoft Office software, other mentors are more skilled with hardware such as scanners, CD burners, and Zip drives.

While your department chairperson is always your first point of contact for any questions, faculty mentors are available to help with questions, hold workshops, or work with you one-on-one.

Mentor “Office Hours”

Drop in help is available for faculty who want a short meeting with a mentor. The meeting may be for a wide variety of reasons including:

  • a quick technology question
  • a specific problem or challenge with a student
  • pedagogical discussions
  • a “pick your brain” session about any educational topic

Each mentor has a list of area specialties and a series of “office hours” where they are available for drop in sessions and/or scheduled trainings. Mentors also love to discuss teaching, share successes and failures as well as strategies and resources.

Have you worked with a mentor in the past?
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