Frequently Asked Questions

How does online learning work at Hudson Valley Community College?

Hudson Valley uses the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver its online courses. A LMS is software that allows for course development and delivery via the internet. You access the LMS through the internet, so you must have access to the internet. You also need a username and password that you will receive after officially registering for the class.

What is different about taking a course online compared to a traditional on campus class?

Generally, online courses are set up as units with assignments from each unit due by the end of the week. It will help you have a positive experience if you do not let yourself get behind. According to a recent survey, students responded that online courses are as much work as on-campus courses and that it may take additional time to do the coursework. However, they also responded that the convenience of working at home and on their own schedule was well worth the extra effort.

Reading assignments are still based on your textbook, which you can purchase at the bookstore. Quizzes or tests, and other written submissions, are done online. Some of the quizzes (multiple choice or true/false) are automatically graded, meaning you receive your grade immediately. Your instructor will grade and return essay tests or learning activities that require typing the text from a word processing program. Note that the system keeps a record of your assignments, including the time and date submissions were made and graded.

Discussion is an important part of many classes. These are not "live" discussions such as with Instant Messenger, but more like a bulletin board where there is a record of all postings. You are expected to not only make your own comments but to also respond to other student's ideas and opinions. You may email your instructor any time you have a question or comment as well.

Are there any requirements?

You must:

  • Meet the computer requirements. You will need access to a computer with an internet connection that meets certain minimum requirements. Please be advised that not all of Blackboard's features and functionalities are supported on mobile devices. You still need access to a computer to take an online course. Please review Check System and Browser Requirements from the Blackboard - Getting Started page for more information.
  • Please be advised that not all of Blackboard's features and functionalities are supported on mobile devices. You still need access to a computer to take an online course.

  • Be able to type on the computer to complete papers, emails and online discussions. If you cannot type, we recommend you learn how to type before enrolling in an online course.
  • Have proficient reading and writing skills. The majority of communication in online learning courses is done in writing.
  • Be comfortable using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. You should be familiar with sending email and using basic functions such as "copy" and "paste."
  • Be able to utilize the Hudson Valley Community College WebMail email system for communication with your instructor and class.
  • Be able to budget your time and priorities. Online learning courses are NOT self-paced. They follow the semester calendar as far as registration, mid-terms, finals, etc. Homework and other assignments, tests and quizzes are due on a regular basis.

Is online learning right for you?

Most online learning students juggle busy schedules, work full- or part-time, have children, or can't easily get to the Hudson Valley campus. Online learning is for students who are motivated, work well independently and are comfortable using a computer. Check with your advisor to make sure the courses offered fit into your curriculum.

Do I get credit for taking a online learning course?

Yes. All online learning courses here are fully accredited and are taught by Hudson Valley Community College faculty. They are transferable and there is no difference on your transcript between a online learning course and a traditional classroom course.

When will I be expected to attend class?

Online courses start on the same day as on-campus courses. Attendance and participation are measured by how often you log into the course website and by completion of required learning activities, assignments, quizzes and tests. You can access the course at your convenience to complete your coursework each week following your class syllabus. Generally, online students do not have to be online at a specific time for coursework.

How do I find out about online degrees and certificates offered at Hudson Valley Community College?

Hudson Valley Community College offers several degrees and certificates that can be completed through our online course offerings.

How do I enroll in an online course(s) or an online degree or certificate program?

Students who would like to register for a course(s) as a non-matriculated student (one who is not enrolled in a degree program) should follow the registration procedures listed in the Continuing Education and Summer Sessions area.

Students who would like to pursue a degree must be formally accepted to Hudson Valley Community College. Follow the Steps to Enroll.

Do I have to come to campus to complete any course requirements?

Although most course work can be done from home, some courses may have required labs or other on-campus meetings. A few courses may also have mid-terms or finals on campus. See the Key to Online Learning Section Numbers chart to identify which course sections are offered entirely online, have proctored exam requirements, or have on-campus meetings.

What are Hudson Valley Community College's Proctoring Procedures?

Students who are registered in a Hudson Valley Community College course where the professor or department requires that the midterm and finals be proctored.
Courses that require proctoring are designated with a special section number. Generally, students who live in the region will drive to the campus to take the midterm or final. However, students who do not live in the area and cannot come to campus will need to have their exam proctored in another location close to where they reside. This requires certain protocols and expectations.

Do I have to take the Hudson Valley Community College's Placement Test?

See the Placement Testing Frequently Asked Questions page.

Am I required to submit immunization records?

Students who register for online courses with on-campus requirements (see Do I have to come to campus to complete any course requirements?) will have to meet the same immunization requirements as students attending on-campus courses taking five or more credits. For more information about immunization requirements, click here.

How much does it cost to take an online course?

See [Loading Tuition and Fees link…] section of the College Catalog for information on the current tuition.

Can any of the fees be waived?

If you do not attend any classes on campus, the parking fee may be waived by filling out the appropriate paperwork. Information about waiving the parking fee will be included in the invoice you receive from Hudson Valley Community College after you register for your course(s).

Can I use financial aid for online courses?

You can contact the Mastrangelo Financial Aid Center at (518) 629-7150, email them at or visit them online.

What kind of support services can I expect as an online student?

The college offers a variety of support services for online students, including services through the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) and the Library. Online Learning students are eligible to receive the same support services as students who attend classes on-campus.
For more information on what services are available, visit our Student Life and Student Services page.

How do I order textbooks?

Textbooks may be ordered through the college bookstore. Click here for information about how to order textbooks for your online course(s).

What are the Online Learning Complaint Procedures?

All student grievances with online courses are to follow the same procedures as on-campus courses. Students taking online classes offered by Hudson Valley Community College while residing in states other than New York should attempt to resolve any issues or complaints with the college first. The college's complaint procedures, including the Grade Grievance Procedure, as well as procedures for complaints concerning bias and discrimination are available in the College Catalog, under [Loading Policies and Procedures link…].

If an issue cannot be resolved internally, an out-of-state student may file a complaint with the appropriate agency located within the state in which the student resides. The State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) provides resources relating to state authorization of distance education.

This is in compliance with U. S. Department of Education's Program Integrity Regulations related to State Authorization.

How do I contact the Admissions Office?

You can contact the Admissions Office at (518) 629-7309, email or visit them online.

How do I contact the Registrar's Office?

You can contact the Registrar's Office at (518) 629-4574 or visit them online.

How do I get more information?

Contact the Office of Distance Learning at (518) 629-7070 or via email at